LGBT+ Conservatives hit out at ‘transphobic’ MP David Davies, suggests he is a ‘c**t’

The Conservative Party’s LGBT group has suggested that MP David Davies is “transphobic” and suggested that he is a “c**t”.

The MP for Monmouth tweeted about trans women suggesting that if they have not had gender reassignment surgery then they are “not a woman”.

He wrote: “Somebody possessing a penis & pair of testicles is definitely not a woman. This should be a biological fact not a matter for political debate. At least we can agree on something.”


After being asked to comment on the issue, LGBT+ Conservatives, the Conservative Party’s LGBT+ group attacked Mr Davies, calling him “transphobic” and suggesting that he is a “c**t”.

LGBT+ Conservatives tweeted: “David TC Davies’ transphobic views are abhorrent and out of kilter with Conservative Party policy.

“It’s clear that the T in his name stands for transphobe. It’s equally clear what the C stands for.”


Responding, Mr Davies said: “It is appalling that a Conservative group which purports to stand for equality is willing to allude to the word “cunt” to describe MPs it doesn’t like. You are a disgrace.”

Another Twitter user responded to Mr Davies with a screenshot of his voting record on same-sex marriage, criticising him.


The user, Sam Phillips, wrote: “I don’t think anyone can take moral lessons from someone who has voted against a minority groups chance of equal rights.

“I may disagree with @LGBTCons support but at least they are trying to get your party connected with the 21st Century.”

A transgender prisoner last week went on hunger strike for being placed in a men’s prison.

Marie Dean, a trans woman, was placed at HMP Preston, a men’s prison in Lancaster.

She has told friends that she doesn’t “want to be alive any more”, after being placed in the facility.

A transgender inmate was last year given the right to serve her sentence in a women’s prison after a lengthy court battle which saw her spend 400 days in segregation and attempt to take her own life during her first days in prison.