Grace and Frankie will be coming back for a fifth season – and RuPaul is getting involved

Netflix has commissioned Grace and Frankie for a fifth series.

The fourth season of the show came to the channel on January 19, with the likes of Lisa Kudrow and Paul Gallagher joined the fourth series of the programme.

But now, all guests there ever were or have been are toppled by the appearance of one drag queen – the mighty drag diety that is RuPaul.

And of course, fans of the show were incredibly excited for the Drag Queen extraordinaire to join the programme.

The show, created by one of the scriptwriters from Friends, explores how Grace and Frankie formed an unlikely friendship after their husbands left them to be together.

The show, which comes from creators Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, is executive produced by TV and film all-stars Kauffman, Morris, Paula Weinstein, John Hoffman, Billy Finnegan, Robbie Tollin, Fonda, Tomlin, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross.

Starring Jane Fonda as Grace and Lily Tomalin as Frankie, the TV show has received plaudits for representing older women and older LGBT+ relationships.

Season 5 of Grace and Frankie will come to Netflix in 2019.