Nearly half of US LGBT+ teens have an eating disorder, says study

An extensive study by some of the top US eating disorder centres in the country has revealed that LGBT+ US teens are eleven times more likely to develop an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

The research, conducted by The Trevor Project, National Eating Disorders Association and Reasons Eating Disorder Center, makes for disheartening reading.

Of the LGBTQ youth surveyed, 54% of the participants indicated that they had already been diagnosed with an eating disorder.

“The results make it clear that troubling numbers of LGBTQ youth are affected by eating disorders and self-harm,” said the National Eating Disorders Association.

“Together, we are working to raise awareness and put live-saving resources into the hands of those in need. It’s time to get real about these issues and ensure that everyone has access to the support they deserve.”

And according to the project, 88% of those suffering with eating disorders have attempted suicide.

1,305 self-identified LGBTQ youth ages 13 to 24 from across the US were surveyed in the study.

The research reaffirms the struggle that LGBT+ youth experience with eating disorders.

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