Rose McGowan ‘comes out’ as non-binary in bizarre podcast tirade

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan has appeared on a podcast after quitting all media appearances and seemingly came out as non-binary.

Talking on the Love Alexi podcast, hosted by Alexi Wasser, McGowan spoke about gender and how they felt they did not fit into the “construct”.

Speaking about confidence, host Wasser explained that she saw a meme about wanting the confidence “of a mediocre white man”.

“I actually don’t, because that confidence is mediocre too,” McGowan retorts, before adding that they “don’t want to be a man or a woman, I’m not”.

Wasser says that she feels that “we’re all souls”.

McGowan then added that they don’t want to live in the “construct”.

“I think we’re never going to solve anything by going into the man/woman construct. Step back to humanity,” the Charmed actor said, adding that they don’t want to be “labelled as a woman when I don’t even know what that means”.

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On the hour-long podcast, McGowan also spoke about why they stopped doing press.

The 44-year-old explained that in the lead up to the Q&A session in which they had a shouting match with a trans person, they were sick of having to “explain” themselves.

“When I quit the press tour recently I just thought these people were all so low frequency.

“I don’t explain myself to people because what I’m saying is truth. I come in peace but I also come with f*ck off. That f*ck off is f*ck off to your construct, don’t judge me by what you grew up with. I didn’t grow up like you, I come from a different background,” McGowan said.

The star, who led allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, alleged in the interview that “the monster (Weinstein) and all his monsters he employs” worked out that McGowan’s strongest fanbase was “the queer community” and then turned the community against McGowan.

McGowan goes on to insist that they “bled for those (LGBTQ+) rights”.

“I can count on my hand the people I know that are gay that have ever marched, bled, donated, that have ever done anything for their own rights. Let alone women’s (rights) and paying it forward.

“A lot of people get upset when I say that. (They say) ‘It’s easy for you to say you’re a cis white female’, I’m like look asshole, don’t bore me, don’t put me in your construct, you do not get to say what I am, you do not get to tell me who I am, you do not get to tell me what my intentions are or paint me with a brush that I didn’t buy,” they added.

Rose McGowan (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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Talking about their future, McGowan said that they want to “burn it (Hollywood) down”.

“There’s so much coming at me, I dare someone else to survive it. Former Israeli agents are infiltrating my life and the monster (Weinstein) is tightening the noose in the background and foreground,” they said.

They then went on to accuse lawyer David Boise, who was pivotal in passing same-sex marriage in the US, of hiring “an Israeli intelligence company to infiltrate my life, harass and terrorise me”.

“People do not understand the level of bad. These are very very powerful people that I’m f*cking with, but they f*cked with me first. I didn’t do anything but get raped, goddamn it,” they added.