Man offered job then loses it hours later after ‘drunken homophobic rant’

A man has pleaded guilty to using threatening language in a bar just hours after he was offered a job there.

Danny Crook was celebrating an offer of employment at the Mango Thai Tapas Bar and Lounge in Southampton when he reportedly became drunk and started “kicking off.”

According to a report in the Daily Echo, Crook “shouted and screamed” at other patrons of the restaurant and bar.

After the 26-year-old ignored his new colleagues and their attempts to help him to go home, police were called to the establishment on March 10.

The Mango Thai Tapas Bar and Lounge (Photo: Google Maps)

Crook then reportedly turned on police officers, kicking PC Bartosz Tluchowski as officers attempted to restrain him.

After he was released from police custody the next day, Crook returned to the bar in order to pick up his coat — and was then informed the job offer had been withdrawn.

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At the West Hampshire Magistrates Court prosecutor Natalie Angel told the court this week that some of Crook’s drunken language was homophobic in nature.

Angel said: “Colleagues had originally tried to take him home because of how intoxicated he was. They believe it made him vulnerable.

Danny Crook (Photo: Danny D Crook / Facebook)

“But in the end, officers were called because the defendant was causing distress in the way he was acting.

“He started shouting and screaming, calling everyone homophobic names. Officers grabbed him and restrained him but he was kicking the air and struck PC Tluchowski.”

Angel also told the court that Crook had been described as “rowdy” by other patrons and that he had also been vomiting during the evening.

West Hampshire Magistrates Court (Photo: Creative Commons)

Representatives for Crook stated that he “did not shirk responsibility for his actions” is aware that he “acted badly”.

The 26-year-old was found guilty of using threatening or abusive language, as well as assaulting a police officer.

Crook was fined £200 and made to pay an additional £100 in compensation, as well as £85 fees and a victim surcharge.

(Photo by JOHN SUPER/AFP/Getty Images)

Last year a police officer in Manchester who had posted hateful anti-gay messages online got a very public dismissal – when his boss tweeted that he was getting sacked.

Ian Hopkins, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, made the public announcement on the social network

He wrote: “This afternoon I have dismissed without notice a Special Constable from Greater Manchester Police for making a homophobic comment on a disgusting homophobic post on Facebook.

“Totally unacceptable behaviour and no place in policing for this.”

Mr Hopkins added: “They had written a homophobic comment on what was a disgusting post and picture on Facebook, which was clearly homophobic, and they had commented on it in a homophobic way.”