Alex Jones is completely obsessed with lesbians and this video compilation proves it

A media watchdog has made a montage of Alex Jones’ multiple fevered statements about lesbians – and it’s pretty hard to watch.

The internet’s favourite fringe conspiracy theorist, who has ties to Trump advisers despite his bizarre beliefs, has gone on many vile anti-lesbian rants on his InfoWars show.

Jones has been mocked across the internet for some of his most outlandish statements, including a 2017 claim that lesbians eat brains.

However, the majority of the things Jones says aren’t as ridiculous – they’re just hateful.

On Thursday, US media watchdog Media Matters compiled some of the most damaging and offensive things that Jones and his fellow InfoWars hosts have said about lesbians in the show’s 19-year history.

And boy, it is something.

In the video, Jones is shown calling lesbians “creatures” as well as repeatedly stating his belief that all lesbians are misguided and really want a man.

“Most women grow out of it and that’s just my experience and they get real happy when they get a man,” Jones stated in a video in March.

Jones and his fellow InfoWars hosts have also previously stated that lesbians are only lesbians because they were abused by their fathers and that lesbians are predisposed to abuse their girlfriends.

He said: “Butch lesbians want to be the guy smacking the hot chick around, they think that’s manly, and a lot of the chicks want them to do that.”


Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes, a regular contributor to InfoWars, is also seen describing lesbians as “sexless, depressed, old, chubby dykes.”

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In previous videos, Jones has stated that most lesbians end up being heterosexual, and were only ever lesbians “had a bad experience with men in their life.”


Milo Yiannopoulos, who earlier this year began to sell vitamins on InfoWars after losing his book deal, is seen repeatedly calling lesbians “dykes.”

Media Matters posted the video with a statement condemning Alex Jones’ “violent and misogynist” speech on his web series.

The watchdog said: “Jones’ rhetoric could have the effect of poisoning his audiences’ perceptions of the queer female community, by directly pushing for the further marginalization of a minority that continues to fight for equality under the law.”



In 2013, the media watchdog reported that Fox News’ coverage of same-sex marriage bills passing in the states of Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota clocked in at just one minute for all three combined, in comparison to MSNBC who devoted 49 minutes in total to the three laws.

Recently, Jones has been left scrambling to keep InfoWars’ YouTube channel online after being handed two strikes for repeatedly promoting conspiracy theories about the Parkland school shooting in Florida.