Barely anyone is playing Alex Jones’ cringeworthy video game

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones isn’t having much luck breaking into the gaming market.

A little over a month after its release, Alex Jones: NWO Wars has seen a huge drop-off in player count, with an average of just eight people playing it a day.

According to Steam player count analytics website Steam Charts, which uses data collected from Steam itself, the 2D shoot ’em up – described by Jones as the “ultimate retro nostalgia throwback game” – saw poor player counts almost immediately after it hit the PC marketplace last month.

Figures showed the game attracted an all-time peak of 34 concurrent players.

A similar data analysis website, SteamDB, recorded an all-time peak of 115 concurrent players, which the game is said to have reached on 5 January.

Several games released in the same month have dwarfed those stats, with Beer Factory, bringing in 2,428 concurrent players, according to SteamDB.

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According to four separate player trackers, the game is believed to have only sold between 9,000 and 38,000 copies on Steam. The game’s community hub has at least 4,700 followers.

Alex Jones
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ new game is beginning to look like a flop. (Getty Images)

While Alex Jones: NWO Wars does have a “very positive” rating on Steam at the time of reporting, with 1,244 total reviews, many of these appear to be vague conspiratorial messages from supporters of the hard-line right-wing pundit.

“The [World Economic Forum] and globalists will fail. Humanity will rise,” one of the reviewers wrote, referring to one of Jones’ conspiracy theories, which he uses to attack marginalised groups.

“I heard MSNBC was trying to get the game removed from Steam so I bought it and enjoyed it,” another said. “Screw the legacy MSM (mainstream media), the WEF and all the globalist parasites.”

The top positive review on Steam at the time of reporting notes that the game, which costs £14 ($17.76), can be completed in 40 minutes – making it eligible for Steam’s refund policy, which allows users to claim their money back on games played for less than two hours.

“Honestly, not worth the money,” a less-generous reviewer wrote. “The game is very short, having only five levels and no other content. I was able to complete the campaign twice in under two hours.”

Poor sales won’t help pay court-ordered damages to relatives of Sandy Hook shooting victims

The game’s poor sales will do little to help Jones fund the enormous amounts of damages he has been ordered to pay families of the victims of the 20212 Sandy Hook school shooting, which he claimed was a staged “false flag” operation, during which “no one” died.

In late 2022, following a defamation trial in Connecticut, the Infowars host was ordered to pay to pay $965 million (£765 million) to the relatives of 26 victims and an FBI agent. A few months earlier, a jury in Texas awarded the parents of another slain child more than $49 million (close to £39 million).

Jones has since admitted the mass shooting, which claimed the lives of 26 people – including 20 pupils between the ages of six and seven – was “100 per cent real.”

The anti-LGBTQ+ pundit also blamed the 2016 Pulse massacre in Orlando – which left 49 people dead and scores more injured – on the queer community, which he has called a “cult.”

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