This is some of the horrific abuse sent to LGBT people in India

Indian LGBT activists have opened up about some of the horrific abuse they’ve received for daring to be out and proud.

Homosexuality in India was recriminalised in 2013 by a court ruling, and there has been a rise in anti-LGBT sentiment since the archaic law was reintroduced.

LGBT rights activists in the country have opened up about the shocking hate messages they receive for speaking up about equality.

They spoke out as part of the #StrongestTogether campaign, which seeks to tackle cyber-bullying and homophobia.

The video features some of the homophobic, biphobic and transphobic messages sent to LGBT people in India on various social media platforms.

One message reads: “All you gay people are paedophiles.”

Another adds: “Saw that you were at the Pride parade, you need to stay away from our kids.”

A third adds: “This is not in our culture, leave India and take your gay bullshit with you.”

The clip has an uplifting message, however, as the LGBT people and allies vow to stand together against hate.

The clip was filmed by The Delta App, an online a platform that “helps members of the LGBTQ+ community in India to find like-minded people, provides a safe community space for users to share, and increased access to support and resources”.

Ishaan Sethi of The Delta App explained: “We are inundated with hundreds of messages at Delta every day from people across the LGBTQ+ spectrum (& allies!) who reach out to us for guidance, counseling and often just to vent in a judgment-free zone.

“A majority of these people receive awful hate messages from others who are comfortable harassing people from behind their screens. As an LGBTQ+ business that operates in the online arena, we felt this is something we really should take up.

“Social media platforms have made voicing of opinions and sharing experiences easier. Our sole objective through our video campaign #StrongestTogether is to urge the community members to step out and speak up against the faceless abuse they experience because of their identities.

“With isolation and cyberbullying rampant in the community, this is an effort to make anyone facing this realize that they are not alone, and by sharing our stories with the hashtag #StrongestTogether, we provide a narrative for those who may be unable to express themselves against such bullying.”

Indian clothing brand Bhane has got behind the campaign.