The #HomeToVote hashtag is one of the most moving social media threads yet

Repeal the 8th (Getty)

How many times have you cried today?

Normally, that would be a pretty weird question to ask on a Friday, but the #hometovote hashtag has had people across the world in tears.

In case you’re not familiar with what’s been going on, the Irish Twittersphere have been cataloguing their journeys home to Ireland to repeal the eighth amendment.

If the amendment is repealed, Irish women will be able to access abortions in their home nation without having to travel elsewhere.

With that in mind, members of the queer community have travelled from far and wide in the hope that no Irish woman will have to make a journey abroad to terminate a pregnancy ever again.

First of all, we have the adorable couple who want to pay tribute to the people who allowed them the right to marry in 2015.

And the man who had the exact same thought and pretty much set the entirety of Twitter off.

We have the journalist documenting every amazing airport entry.

We have this queer fashion sensation who has made their way back home with STYLE.

Or perhaps it’s this gay dating Twitter bingo campaigner going home to support the women in need.

Others just knew that the gays would come to campaign in style.

One person understands the power of the gay community rallying together to socially empower women.

And this woman couldn’t quite believe that the forces of nature have even shown queer solidarity.

Ireland’s LGBT+ community and women have bonded together to support those who need access to abortions in a way quite like no other.

Voting on the eighth referendum in the Republic of Ireland will take place until 10pm.

The Irish Times has said that the vote has received an “unusually high turnout.”

We think it might be to do with the fact that Ireland is one mighty nation when its women and queer communities join together.