Queer Eye guys talk job swaps – and who would be the worst in a different role

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown and Tan France have talked about switching jobs on the show – and who would be the worst in a different category.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the three from the Fab Five said Brown would be the worst in the food and wine role – but that Jonathan Van Ness would be the least successful in both the fashion and culture categories.

Asked who would be the worst at his food and wine category, Porowski singled out culture guru Brown.

“Karamo’s diet consists of Coca-Cola and gummy bears for breakfast, lunch and dinner – a gummy bear salad, if you will,” he told Digital Spy.

Brown agreed, conceding: “Even though I make my kids eat very healthy, I have the worst diet ever.”

The culture man then said he thought grooming expert Van Ness would be the worst at his job.

“The only reason I would say [that is] because it takes a bit of a calmness for what I do … and takes a lot of listening.”

Jonathan would not be good at culture or fashion. (Twitter)

After the other two started laughing – with France joking: “He is going to attack you” – Brown added: “This is no shade, I love Jonathan, I could never do what Jonathan does in being, like, very open and expressive.”

He continued: “I just listen [for] the] majority of my scenes…..and I don’t think Jonathan would be able do that.”

And when it came to the fashion category France, too, said Van Ness would be the worst.

He said: “Not because I don’t think he dresses well, I think he’s really creative.” But he added: “For the same reason as [Brown], my job is so much more than just making them pretty.

“I use that as a vehicle to be able to speak about really vulnerable things because I’m the only one that gets to see them undressed.”

France continued: “I don’t think Jonathan would be able [to do that].”

But, according to the guys, it’s unlikely we will be seeing the Fab Five job-swapping any time soon.

Brown: “We’ve all said that we want to because we already all know what category we would take if we weren’t in our category, and we wish the producers would just allow one day but they won’t.”

Queer Eye returns to Netflix for Season 2 on June 15 on Netflix.

However, PinkNews got an exclusive first look at the new episodes. Watch the new trailer below.

The trailer shows the Fab Five return to the return to the Georgia heartland to transform more lives – including the show’s first female hero – through fashion, food, culture, home decor and grooming.

The clip also shows Porowski, Bobby Berk, Brown, Van Ness and France rolling up their sleeves to build a community centre for a church, in what is set to be another tear-jerking episode.

The new season, which drops on Friday, promises to be another rollercoaster of tears and laughs as the boys forge connections with communities from a wide array of backgrounds and addressing everything from self-love to good food.

Earlier this year, France revealed the second season would be more diverse, featuring a transgender man for the first time.

“I had never interacted with a trans person before, I’d never met a trans person before. And so it gave me an opportunity to ask questions that I have never been able to ask before,” he told Press Association.

“For example, what was it that when they realised they wanted to have top surgery (a surgical procedure carried out on the breasts of transgender patients), what made him decide that was the final thing that was going to change this process for him, that would really make him feel like a man?

Season 2 will air on June 15 on Netflix (Netflix)

“To things like, what is it that we can do to help? I’m ignorant, I don’t know what I can do to support the trans community. What kind of questions do you never want to hear again? Those kinds of questions were really helpful, for me and the audience.”

The Emmy Award-winning series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy first debuted 15 years ago, changing the face of reality TV.

The reboot of the show – which sees five gay men educating straight men about fashion, grooming, culture, home decor and food – has proved to be the must-watch, feel-good programme of this year.