Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness accused of having ‘rage issues’ and being a ‘monster’ on set

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness looks towards the camera while wearing a white top

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has been accused of having “rage issues” and being a “monster” on the set of the hit Netflix series, according to an explosive new report. 

Rolling Stone spoke to seven production sources about the inner workings of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, with several individuals claiming Van Ness’ charming persona fell off once cameras weren’t rolling. 

The anonymous sources accused Van Ness of verbally lashing out at cast and crew members who worked closely with the show’s charismatic hair stylist. 

Three sources who worked directly with Van Ness used words like “monster” and “nightmare” to describe the star. Van Ness was also described as emotionally “abusive” and having “rage issues”. 

PinkNews has reached out to representatives for Jonathan Van Ness for comment. 

One source claimed the non-binary star would “explode at least once a week” when the show was filming. 

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“Jonathan’s a person who contains multitudes and who has the capacity to be very warm, very charismatic, and has the capacity to make you feel really special that they are paying attention to you,” one source who worked with Van Ness said.

“But at least once a day, they would need to yell at somebody. 

“It might be something small, but there’s always going to be somebody to point out and blame and make the villain of the day.” 

Another source told Rolling Stone that Van Ness’ alleged onset behaviour was “very hypocritical” given the “definite contract” in the values the celebrity “stands for publicly”. 

“They’re really centred around having this warmth, love and care for other people,” the source said.

“There’s a real contrast between that and the way that they treat the people who are closest to them across the board. It’s the opposite of what this person is touted and paid to be.” 

The Fab Five, the stars of Netflix's Queer Eye Reboot, pose together for a photo
A source alleged Jonthan Van Ness’ behaviour on Queer Eye created “tension” with the other members of the Fab Five. (Getty)

Van Ness’ alleged behaviour reportedly contributed to a rift within the Fab Five, Rolling Stone reported. Sources claimed multiple members of the group were reluctant to shoot with Van Ness.

A production member believed there was “absolutely tension between everybody else” as Van Ness “didn’t want to ever share the spotlight with anyone”. 

“There were times when we couldn’t even shoot scenes with certain members of the Fab Five together because it got so bad,” the production member added. 

Queer Eye returned to Netflix in January, but the Fab Five lost a core member after Bobby Berk, the show’s interior design expert, announced the eighth season was his last

Rumours circulated that Berk’s abrupt departure was because of an alleged rift with co-host, Tan France. 

Berk later clarified there was indeed “a situation” between the pair, but that he ultimately decided to leave because he had “multiple other projects” going on outside of the show. 

Following Berk’s exit, Netflix revealed HGTV’s Jeremiah Brent would step into the role when season nine begins production in the spring. 

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