Video of Hong Kong crowd cheering on gay couple having sex goes viral

A video of a Hong Kong crowd cheering on a gay couple openly having sex in their apartment has gone viral.

The two men seemingly ignored the uncovered window of their apartment block as they went about their business, attracting a large group of onlookers down below.

According to the Oriental Daily, even the crowd’s chanting and chastising did not distract the two men during their exhibitionist romp.

Passers-by in the Sheung Wan neighbourhood joked that they might only be taking medicine and playing yoga, while others laughed and said, “Better than the World Cup.”

Hong Kong residents celebrate Pride (AARON TAM/AFP/Getty)

When the pair finished, one of the men went to grab a towel while his partner stood up. After realising it was a man, the crowd allegedly burst into ‘deafening’ cheers.

Reaction to the video was said to be largely positive, with most cracking jokes at the pair’s expense.

“I can’t imagine. It looks like they’re doing mixed martial arts,” said one.

It quickly went viral on Facebook earlier this week, before being taken down because of its graphic content.

However, the brazen men may be at risk of falling afoul of the law.

Pride in Hong Kong (Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty)

Although they are in a private place, deliberately allowing the public to see them may break Hong Kong’s public decency laws.

The pair could be fined up to 1,000 HK dollars and be sentenced for up to six months in prison for the public sex-act.

A reporter went to the scene of the apartment a few hours later, but found it was empty.

Police are still investigating the incident.

There is no specific discrimination protection for LGBT couples in Hong Kong law, and same-sex marriages are not legally recognised.

However, yearly Prides take place in the region.