Commuters slam Liam Payne LGBT pride article: ‘It’s straight pride’

Confused London commuters are sharing pictures of an article in the Evening Standard, which features comment from Liam Payne and David Beckham.

The headline of the piece reads: “Becks and Payne reveal what makes them glow with pride in honour of annual parade,” and features a number of quotes from celebrities ahead of the Pride in London celebrations on July 7.

The piece, which is about an LGBT campaign by adidas, explains that the celebrities were asked what makes them proud, in celebration of diversity and the LGBT+ community.

It leads with comment from the former One Direction singer, Payne, who said: “I think since I’ve had a little boy, everything changes in life. I’m aiming more for him to be prouder of me, and already he’s making me a better man, which I think is incredible.”

But some social media critics have slammed the article for being too straight-focused.

Caspar Salmon (handle @CasparSalmon) wrote on Twitter: I’ve stared at this for about 15 minutes now. What? What is this? Is this a joke? What the fuck is going on?…”

“Are we just a little branding exercise now for the potato one from 1D and other straights of note? Someone, please, lead us out of this abyss!, [sic]” the Twitter user continued.

“‘When’s straight Pride?’ Don’t worry, it’s now, it’s literally now! Enjoy!” the critic added.


Liam Payne enjoys a family vacation at Universal Orlando Resort.  (Photo by Octavian Cantilli/Universal Orlando Resort via Getty Images)

The second comment in the article comes from David Beckham, who said: “What makes me proud in 2018 is the world that we live in — the diversity, the quality, the creativity … I have a young family and I want them to grow up in a world where they are given a chance, where they are part of that diversity and equality. I think we’re in a really positive place and it can only get better.”

Gay men also contributed to the piece with added comment from Nick Grimshaw and David Furnish. But for some commuters it wasn’t enough.

Another critic of the way the article was presented commented on Twitter. Victoria Evans (handle @WhovianMummah) wrote: “As a white cis straight woman….. I am so sorry. I am ashamed and embarrassed at the journalist AND the idiot celebs who responded to the question. I am so damn sorry that too many straight people are so fecking clueless. [sic]”

While Chris Mandle, whose Twitter bio says he’s the Entertainment Director at Shortlist, wrote: “Worth pointing out this campaign is raising money for the Albert Kennedy Trust, which is a brilliant cause helping tackle LGBTQ+ homelessness. But come onnnnnn. The quotes alone tell you Liam Payne has nothing significant to say about the LGBTQ community. [sic]”

The article is about a LGBT campaign by adidas, as they ask celebrities to but their own twist on the brand’s iconic Sambas and auction them off on eBay. The money raised will be given in support of the Albert Kennedy Trust, a homeless LGBT youth charity.  Their creations will be exhibited from 4-10 July.

Other celebrities involved are Rita Ora, Kate Moss, Pharrell Williams, Paloma Faith and Naomi Campbell.