Your favourite Pokemon got a makeover for Pride

Some of your favourite Pokémon have had a rainbow-themed makeover just in time for Pride.

An enterprising Pokémon fan gave some of the original Gen One 151 a makeover.

Charmander (Pixel Punkz)

Bulbasaur (Pixel Punkz)

Squirtle (Pixel Punkz)

Snorlax, Jigglypuff and Pikachu were among some of the Pokémon to get makeovers from pixel artist Martin Lathbury, who creates art as Pixel Punkz.

Snorlax (Pixel Punkz)

Staryu (Pixel Punkz)

Rapidash (Pixel Punkz)

The Pokémon sprites were updated with rainbow bowties, dresses and flags.

Onamyte (Pixel Punkz)

Machoke (Pixel Punkz)

Ninetails (Pixel Punkz)

Lathbury told PinkNews: “I’m a big gamer and love retro games, so my pixel art was born out of that.

“Pokémon have always been a part of my life and I wanted to use them and my art as a way to celebrate the community in some way for Pride.”

Jynx (Pixel Punkz)

Eevee (Pixel Punkz)

Machoke (Pixel Punkz)

He added: “There’s a lot of things in the world to be sad about at the moment – and rightly so – but I wanted to make something that has hopefully got one or two people smiling.

“They’re my little love letter to the LGBT gaming community, and to Nintendo who created worlds that gave me a home to escape to when I didn’t feel I had anywhere else to go as a kid.”

Dragonite (Pixel Punkz)

Diglett (Pixel Punkz)

Check out more of his Puxel Punkz’ art here.

It’s not the first time gay gamers have found enterprising ways to show their love of Pokémon .

In 2015 a Pokémon-loving couple’s proposal went viral – after they shared picture of their Pokéball-inspired ring boxes.

Brett gave his boyfriend Max a choice between three custom-designed ‘starter’ rings – a fire type, a water type and a grass type, naturally.

Of course, Team Rocket are Pokémon’s OG queer icons.