Meet GayC/DC: The gay AC/DC tribute band

There’s a gay tribute band to AC/DC – and they’re amazing.

Los Angeles-based GayC/DC formed a few years ago, but have experienced a recent surge in popularity.

The five-piece have reclaimed a number of AC/DC hit songs, and given them a queer edge.

Track names from the tribute band include “Let There Be Cock,” “Whole Lotta Jose,” “Bottom Child,” “Dirty Dudes Done Dirty Cheap,” and “Gay Boy Boogie.”

Luckily, there was one AC/DC song that needed no name change at all: “Big Balls.”

“The band remains true to the music (working diligently to replicate the actual sound of AC/DC), while playing around with the lyrics and changing pronouns to suit the gay angle,” the band says on their Facebook page.

It adds: “To say the band is off-the-hook live is an understatement. There is never a dull moment with all the costume changes and props being trotted out, all in the name of outrageous entertainment. Even those who say they don’t like AC/DC end up being fans.”

The band has been gigging on the LA music circuit and is made up of: vocalist Chris Freeman, guitarist Steve McKnight, bass player Glen Pavan, rhythm guitarist Karl Rumpf, and drummer Brian Welch.

Speaking to Louder, Welch said: “”I grew up listening to AC/DC, they’re part of my DNA. But that whole ‘boy/girl/boy bangs girl’ thing wasn’t something I could relate to.

“I wanted the songs to speak to me and that’s a big reason we started this band. Now, those iconic songs can speak to others who felt the way I did.

GayC/DC formed in Los Angeles a few years ago. (GayC/DC/Facebook)

“And who can resist taking it to the most fabulous extreme! We love AC/DC. That’s why we do the music spot on, but have a bit of cheeky fun changing the lyrics around.”

GayC/DC have posted several videos on YouTube, with the band members dressed in some glamorous outfits, including a Scottish kilt, a glittery dress, a priest costume, and rainbow knee-length socks.

Singer Freeman, meanwhile, told the publication: “For me, the whole experience of AC/DC is dripping with macho heterosexuality, and that part was hard for me to relate to. But I loved the music, that part I could relate to.”

He added: “”We started throwing out band names with ‘gay’ in them and I think it was Karl who said GayC/DC and I thought: ‘hmmm…’.”

The band’s Facebook page has more than 3,000 likes.