Small Welsh town set to host its first ever pride event

A giant rainbow flag being carried along Brighton seaside

A tight-knit community in Wales has come together to plan their own pride event on 1 September.

The small coastal town of Llantwit Major, which has a population of less than 10,000 people, will welcome a choir for lesbian, bisexual, trans women and non-binary people, as well as dancers and a drag performer.

Rhodri Ellis Owen, the event’s organiser

The community has never staged an event like this before, but they are hoping it will serve as a blueprint for other small communities who want to celebrate pride, according to the BBC.

Rhodri Ellis Owen, the event’s organiser, said that the goal is not to compete with Cardiff and Swansea pride events, which are much bigger, but instead to bring pride to a small community.

Owen grew up in Wales and moved to Llantwit Major 18 months ago.

“Living here gave me the idea of looking for a way to celebrate the diversity of this beautiful coastal town,” he told the BBC.

He told the broadcaster that he has had positive reactions from the whole community and locals have bonded over the event.

He added that young LGBT+ people no longer need to leave the small towns they are from in order to be themselves, saying events like this can make people feel more included in village life.

Owen is hoping the event will go well, and that it might become a much bigger event for next year.

Tristan Fewings/Getty

The community has arranged for a number of events to take place on 1 September, including a classic cars show, a barbeque and a ‘Take Pride in Yourself’ zone with stands and stalls.

The day will end in the Tudor Tavern, a local pub, where they will have a DJ and a drag performer.

The community is also hoping the event will be a showcase for the town, saying on their Facebook event page: “Bring a smile, don your best rainbow outfit and see why Llantwit Major is such a welcoming place to live, work and visit.”