True Love or True Lies’ gay couple exposed as fakes

True Love or True Lies‘ last same-sex couple has been evicted – and revealed as frauds in more than one way.

After Jack and Luke became the seventh partners to be voted off the MTV show, they told the audience that they weren’t a couple – and Luke astounded fans by coming out as straight.

Unlike Love Island, the programme features multiple LGBT contestants, though not as many as viewers initially thought.

The pair was the seventh to be voted off the show (mtv)

A behind-the-scenes video released by MTV showed that Jack – who is gay – instructed Luke to just “be yourself. If anyone says: ‘Ah, he’s obviously straight,’ I’ll just be like: ‘What the f**k?'”

The pair of friends concocted a backstory involving a one-night stand in India which blossomed into an unexpected romance – only to pull back the curtain and unveil the truth: they had met twice before the show.

In their eviction interview, Luke was asked the one thing he’d learned from the show, to which he replied: “I’m definitely not gay.”

“I’m definitely not gay” (mtv)

He added that when it came to the eventual winner, he’d like to see the throuple of Tomas, Cathy and Nicole – who entered the show on Sunday – take home the prize money, which now stands at £80,000 as three fake couples have left.

Jack and Luke certainly fooled the majority of viewers, including Chris and Jon, who told PinkNews last week that they were “glad” to be voted off the show.

Speaking to PinkNews today (August 14), Chris said it was “a surprise” to find out that Luke was straight.

“We totally believed that he was gay; we were a bit shocked to find out he wasn’t,” he added. “I never had any doubts that he was gay.

Jon and Chris

“We got a lot closer to Jack and Luke than they showed on TV, and we never thought he wasn’t gay. It’s that whole thing – don’t judge people based on their appearances.”

And the Northern Irish strongman said that it was “good that a lot of people believed their relationship when they just were themselves.”

He said their appearance on the show, and the way that they won over huge swathes of the audience, proved that people shouldn’t assume others’ sexualities.

“Luke didn’t go in and act like a big stereotypical gay guy,” Chris said. “He just acted like himself.

“He didn’t go in conforming to the stereotype; he just acted normally, and very few people on social media suspected he wasn’t gay.

“Luke didn’t go in and act like a big stereotypical gay guy” (mtv)

“When it comes to gay people, we can be too quick to judge. It shows that different personalities can exist, and that people will accept someone like Luke being gay, despite him not being a stereotype.”

Before the revelation, Chris and Jon, who have got engaged since they left the show, told PinkNews they were planning on inviting the original couples to their wedding – and Chris said that was still the plan.

“It would’ve been nice if they were a genuine couple,” he said, “but even though it wasn’t real, the two guys are still amazing as individuals.

“We got on really well with them, and it’s slightly disappointing, but it doesn’t affect how close we are with them.”

They said that planning a gay wedding while living in Northern Ireland was “very frustrating”

Chris and Jon may even be reunited with Jack on August 25, when the three plan to meet up at the Pride Cymru Parade in Cardiff.

Last week, Chris and Jon spoke about how they wanted to help normalise gay couples, particularly in Northern Ireland, which is the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is still illegal despite having the support of two-thirds of people.

The day after they got engaged in June, thousands of people took to the streets of Belfast to march for marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

But despite public support, political progress has been slow, so the pair is currently planning on holding the wedding in the Republic of Ireland.