True Love or True Lies’ hot favourites get evicted and reveal one of them is gay

True Love or True Lies‘s hot favourites for the title have been evicted – and in a shocking twist, one of them has come out as gay.

After Cameron and Shereece were voted off the show last night (August 15) just before the final hurdle, Shereece revealed that she was a lesbian.

Earlier this week, after Jack and Luke became the seventh partners to be voted off the programme, they told the audience they weren’t a couple, before Luke astounded fans by admitting he was straight.

They hid the secret for nine days (mtv)

And it seems that he wasn’t the only one pretending to be a different sexuality.

Unlike Love Island, the programme features multiple LGBT contestants, including, it seems, one who viewers didn’t anticipate.

A huge number of fans – and some of the contestants – thought Cameron was gay.

One wrote: “Cameron and shereece are fake. I would put money on Cameron being gay.”

A different viewer said: “Funny how Cameron and Shereece haven’t mentioned the sexuality clue….because it’s so obvious that Cam is the gay one! ”

And another tweeter said it was “absolute bull**it that Cameron & Shereece haven’t been kicked out of #TrueLoveorTrueLies HES GAY FFS.”

But for nine days, Shereece barely aroused the slightest hint of suspicion.

When the couple’s competition ended at the semi-final stage, they took the wool away from everyone’s eyes, with Cameron saying: “I know some of you have actually doubted my sexuality, if I was gay or straight.”

Many people had thought that Cameron was gay (mtv)

He added: “The truth is, I am straight, but – ” before Shereece chimed in: “I’m actually gay.

“I have a girlfriend. I’m the gay one! Lesbo, lesbo,” she chanted.

The other competitors were shocked (mtv)

That was the cue for the other competitors’ jaws to fall.

The surprise was palpable online as well.

“SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! Shereece is gay!! ,” wrote one fan.

Another said: “Cannot believe it’s Shereece that’s with a woman!! I thought Cam was deffo gay? Well played guys .”

One tweeted: ” My gaydar is well and truly broke. Didn’t expect that. Loved Cam and Shereece together though.”

It turns out that the pair met after Cameron hit on Shereece’s girlfriend, who explained that she was gay and brought him over to meet Shereece.

They became friends there and then, but had still only met once before the show started.

Past contestants were stunned (mtv)

Shereece told the audience it was disappointing to go out after cruising through the early rounds and getting so close to the prize fund – which is now £90,000 – but said that “keeping the lie going for so long was so tricky.”

She added: “It’s kind of a relief not to have to lie anymore.”

Last week, gay couple Chris and Jon told PinkNews that they were “glad” to be voted off the show.

Jon and Chris

They spoke about how they wanted to help normalise gay couples, particularly in Northern Ireland, which is the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is still illegal despite having the support of two-thirds of people.

The day after they got engaged in June, thousands of people took to the streets of Belfast to march for marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

But despite public support, political progress has been slow, so the pair is currently planning on holding the wedding in the Republic of Ireland – and fellow True Love or True Lies contestants Jack and Luke are invited.