Madonna is turning 60, so a gay artist created a stunning mural in her honour

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A London-based street artist’s latest creation is honouring Madonna as the Queen of Pop turns 60 on Thursday.

Pegasus has covered a wall of the gay bar The Glory, located in Kingsland Road in the Shoreditch neighbourhood in London, with stunning stencils of Madonna’s face.

The image of the Queen of Pop is from around the time of her eponymous debut album, released in 1983: short blond hair, hand on her face and bright lipstick—which in the street artist’s rendition, comes in a range of neon colours.

(Courtesy of Pegasus)

The work took five and a half hours, Pegasus wrote on his Instagram account, thanking a friend for his help. The street artist, whose exhibition “Neon Nights” will open in London on October 20, said he wanted to pay tribute to the singer, who has been his muse for years.

“Madonna has been my number one idol and main inspiration since the age of 5. She has consistently remained a trend setter and image of success and inspiration to many while always staying relevant,” Pegasus told PinkNews.

“I am of a generation that grew up watching Madonna succeed and become one of the most influential, powerful and iconic women who paved the way for many young performers.

(Courtesy of Pegasus)

“It is very important for myself to honour this woman who has defied all the people who swore she would never stand the test of time. At a time where most of the great icons of the 80s have now passed, we are fortunate to still have one of the most celebrated still with us,” he added.

Pegasus is known for his portrayal of iconic music and film stars, such as Amy Winehouse and Charlie Chaplin—his is the mural that appeared in Hackney, East London, paying tribute to George Michael shortly after the singer’s death in December 2016.

His work also includes current affairs. Pegasus has made a series of murals portraying Meghan Markle and her wedding to Prince Harry earlier this year, as well as depicting Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump.

(Courtesy of Pegasus)

Madonna has been counting down the days to her birthday, August 16, on Twitter, posting a new picture everyday for the past four days anticipating the landmark date.

The Rebel Heart star graced the cover of Vogue Italy this month, which featured a stunning black and white portrait of Madonna and the simple line “Just one day of out life” from her hit 1983 single “Holiday.”

In the rare interview, Madonna anticipated the release of a yet-untitled new album. Her latest collaboration was with pop star Ariana Grande, giving voice to none other than God in Grande’s video for “God is a Woman.”