Who is Cameron Cole, Big Brother’s gay contestant?

Cameron Cole recently came out as gay on Big

Big Brother’s Cameron Cole was recently praised by viewers after coming out as gay to his fellow contestants.

In an episode aired last week, the 18-year-old can be seen chatting to friend and fellow housemate Lewis Flanagan about his fears over coming out, which he hoped to do.

Flanagan assured Cole that he should only open up to people when he feels ready to do so and that he shouldn’t feel pressured just because someone has taken a romantic interest in him.

He added that Cole could practice saying the words out loud to him if he felt like that would help.

“The last four years I’ve been waiting to be ready but you’re never really ready,” Cole said.

He added: “Sometimes you gotta say ‘f**k it’ and just do it.”

Flanagan then asks him outright about being gay, to which he responds: “Yes.”

Cole came out to his housemates on the show (Channel 5)

Cole is a vlogger who lives with his family in Norwich and said he is keen to show that not all teenagers are “sheep who think the world owes them everything”.

He has said his idol is Winston Churchill, adding he is “a legend of a man”.

According to Cole’s Channel 5 profile, he  is “completely hopeless in love” and has “a fear of mushrooms and all animals”.

He was six-months-old when the first Big Brother aired in 2000.

Before going into the house he said: “I’ve watched Big Brother since I was about 10, and I’ve loved it ever since, I’ve been hooked.

“The term super-fan is overused, but I would class myself as a huge fan.

Housemate Cian Carrigan is also openly gay (Channel 5)

“The minute I turned 18, this is what I really wanted to do. It almost feels like a dream come true.”

Last month, it emerged Cole has recorded footage of himself ranting about feminists when he was 16, telling YouTube followers that women’s equality is a “disastrous ideology” and calling for retaliatory violence against any woman who is “being an a***hole”.

“Feminists go around looking at every man like he’s a rapist. It’s not wrong to look at a woman and think ‘f**k she’s hot as f**k,” he said, according to the Mirror.

“The fact is they make up s**t to try and make women who aren’t feminists become feminists so their numbers go up again because everyone’s realised what a disastrous ideology this bulls**t is.”

He went on: “Feminists go around looking at every man. If a woman is being an a***hole and hitting and punching a man just because she thinks he’s not going to hit her back…

“If you want equality you’ve got to expect he is going to come and clout her. After that happens you’re like ‘we’re not as strong’.”