Who is Daisie Thilwind? The Bi Life cast member and fraud prevention officer

The Bi Life is giving bisexual and pansexual people of both genders a chance to find love, but who is cast member Daisie Thilwind?

The 26-year-old hails from Manchester, like her fellow cast member Carmen Clarke, and works as a fraud prevention officer.

Daisie describes herself as ‘unlucky in love’ and is taking part in the show because, having been hurt in the past, she sees it as a chance to let go and give love another chance.


Daisie describes herself as “proud to be bisexual” and doesn’t have any issues in telling other people about her sexuality. In dating terms, however, it can be a bit tricky.

She often finds that the guys out there are only interested in a “smash and dash,” although – when they find out she’s bisexual – they only seem interested in hearing about her sex life.

With girls, it’s a slightly different issue. She finds approaching other women quite difficult and has gotten used to them reacting less than positively to news that she’s bisexual. Often, they interpret her bisexuality to mean there’ll be extra competition.


Another common misconception, which Daisie finds very unhelpful, is that her bisexuality is a form of greed. (This echoes a recent interview PinkNews did with actor and director Desiree Akhavan, in which she busts five common ‘bisexuality myths’).

Daisie’s biggest turn-off is when someone doesn’t have much of a sense of humour, so she’s looking for someone who enjoys a good laugh and can match her own love of fun.

She would also like her potential to have a good set of teeth!

The Bi Life is hosted by Shane Jenek, better known as drag queen Courtney Act, and will premiere on E! on October 25.