When is Butterfly on ITV and how many episodes are in the miniseries?

ITV’s new show Butterfly is bringing transgender issues to the Sunday night schedule, but when is it on and how many episodes are there?

Anna Friel has been enjoying considerable acclaim for her recent work in TV drama. Her titular role in the ITV series Marcella, which appeared on Netflix outside of the UK, saw her win an International Emmy Award for Best Actress.

The third series of the popular detective show is due to come out early in 2019, but Friel is returning to our screens before then in another ITV drama, Butterfly. Centred around the fictional Duffy family (but inspired by real-life stories), the mini-series portrays the struggle of a transgender child to become accepted for who they really are.


Back in March, producers behind the show told the Mirror newspaper that they were anticipating a backlash from some viewers when the show airs, but when is it on and how long will the series run for?

When is Butterfly on ITV and how many episodes are there?

The show premieres on Sunday, October 14 on ITV and it will be broadcast at 9pm. Episodes of the series will be available to watch on the ITV Hub immediately after airing live on the channel.

Officially described as a ‘miniseries’, the story will be played out across three episodes, all airing in the same slot on Sunday nights.

The show went into production towards the beginning of 2018 and the cast and crew seemed to be enjoying themselves from the off:

The show marks Anna Friel’s third appearance in an ITV series in the last three years. News was announced in September that filming had begun on another thriller series – Deep Water – with Friel in a central role.

Based on Paula Daly’s Windermere novels, the show is set in the Lake District and tells the story of three women who struggle to balance their family lives alongside their other passions and commitments.