YouTubers Rose and Rosie reveal the first time they met, had sex and their first fight

Bisexual and lesbian YouTubers Rose and Rose (PinkNews)

Bisexual and lesbian YouTubers—and married couple—Rose and Rosie have revealed the first time they met, had sex and their first fight.

The pair spoke to PinkNews following the release of their new book, Overshare, where they talk about mental health, being bi and lesbian, and finding fame online.

Rose and Rosie also revealed what they would tell their teenage selves about coming out.

Rose said: “Basically Rosie and I wanted to speak about everything which we haven’t spoken about online, which believe it or not, we haven’t spoken about everything online.

“We’ve focused on topics that are really important, quite serious and heavy, but wrapped it up in a bit of light Rose and Rosie banter.”

Rosie added that on their YouTube channel “there’s not always the time to cry or go deep so we wrote it all down.”

The pair have been filming their relationship since its early stages, and fans have seen them get married.

“It’s weird because we can’t really separate our relationship and YouTube because the moment we started dating, Rose started turning on the camera and broadcasting it online,” Rosie explained.

“So people do ask how’s it affected our relationship, but I don’t know because we haven’t not YouTubed our relationship.”

In an exclusive episode of First Times, an original PinkNews series, the couple shared the first time they met, their first kiss and first time experiencing biphobia and homophobia.

Rose and Rosie chat to PinkNews (PinkNews)

Rose said: “I was at Thorpe Park with a previous partner and I kissed her very, very quickly, and some girl was like: ‘Eurgh, eurgh, did you see those girls kiss?’

“She was with some boys and—I think she was into it—she threw some hate, verbally.”

Rosie said: “It was from this boy who was really horrible and pushed me in McDonald’s and was like: ‘She likes girls.’

“It was fine, I lost my nose stud but I put it right back in.”

Rose and Rosie are currently on tour screening their documentary and talking about their new book, Overshare.