Teacher says student is ‘gay and is using girlfriend for cover’

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A teacher in Nixon, Texas, reportedly outed one of her students as gay—and said that he was using his girlfriend as a cover.

The teacher at Nixon-Smiley High School allegedly told the pupil’s girlfriend and a classroom full of students that he is gay, reports News 4 San Antonio.

The boy is reportedly being bullied at the school following the remarks.

A British classroom (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The teacher allegedly outed one of her students as gay in front of the class. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The student’s father has filed a complaint over the incident, and an investigation has been launched by district leaders.

“When you say something like that in open class kids are going to talk and they’re going to go with it,” the anonymous dad told News 4 San Antonio.

He said he was fighting for the school to take action over the event “because I don’t want it swept under the rug.”

The dad reportedly said he wants the teacher to lose her job for her comments.

He added that his son is not gay.

“Gay or straight is not the problem here,” the father told the news site. “The problem is the teacher making a comment causing bullying in a school.”

A spokesperson for the school district told News 4 San Antonio: “We are aware of the allegations currently under investigation as the student’s parent goes through a grievance process.”

The teacher has apologised to the father.

The student has reportedly been bullied since the incident. (Pexels)

In August, also in Texas, a lesbian art teacher from Mansfield was reappointed almost a year after she was put on leave following a parental complaintthat she was promoting the “homosexual agenda.”

There was an international outcry last year when Stacy Bailey was placed on paid administrative leave after the complaint was made.

She filed a federal lawsuit against Charlotte Anderson Elementary School for their treatment of her in May.

The incident occurred when she shared photos of her friends, family and partner with children at the beginning of term last August. Shortly afterwards, she was placed on leave with pay by the Mansfield Independent School District.

“[She] shared photos of her parents, her family, her ‘future wife’, her best friends, and pictures of [herself] as a child in an effort to engage the students,” the lawsuit stated.

“This technique is widely used by other teachers,” the lawsuit continued. “[Bailey] then showed the students slides providing class rules, rewards and expectations for the year.

“Later that week, [she] was informed by the Principal that a parent complained to the school board and superintendent about [Bailey] promoting the ‘homosexual agenda’ by discussing her ‘future wife.’”