What does ‘weird flex but OK’ mean? Where did it come from?

man flexing

“Weird flex but OK” – this trending social media phrase can be found all over the internet. But what does it mean? Read on for the definition.

Whether you’re on Twitter or Instagram, you won’t be able to escape the latest slang phrase.

If you consider the literal definition of the phrase… you might imagine someone flexing their muscles in an unusual way. But, of course, it doesn’t mean that.

So, what does ‘weird flex but OK’ mean?

The new social media phrase “weird flex but OK” is used to respond to something deemed to be a strange boast.

So, if anyone appears to be boasting or showing off, you can respond with “weird flex but OK.”

Essentially, it means ‘odd gloat but understandable nonetheless,’ just as the Twitter user @ilysmooky pointed out. See the screenshot below.

Tweet about the intellectual way to say weird flex but ok

Twitter user’s take on ‘weird flex but ok.’ (@ilysmooky/Twitter)

Where did it come from?

It first appeared on Twitter on December 1, 2017, when user @finnfeighery seemingly coined the phrase. He had replied to a tweet posted by Malala, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Malala had written a tweet summarising her achievements in 2017—she spoke of the UN, her honorary Canadian citizenship, passing her exams, getting accepted into Oxford University and more.

Finn Feighery simply replied, “weird flex but ok.” See the screenshot below.


First 'Weird Flex But Ok' Tweet. Finn Feighery response to Malala

The first-ever known usage of the phrase ‘weird flex but ok.’ (@finnfeighery / Twitter)

However, online users have gone on to use the phrase to respond to pretty much anything—even if it isn’t a boast by definition.

Below are some hilarious examples of “weird flex but OK” memes and tweets:


Viral 'weird flex but ok' meme

Viral ‘weird flex but ok’ meme.

Are you a fan of The Sixth Sense? What do you think of this meme?


Weird flex but ok meme

Tweet response to a woman marrying her best friend’s dad. (@Y2SHAF/Twitter)

So far, Shafeeq’s hilarious response to the New York Post‘s tweet has received 78,000 retweets and over 400,000 likes.


Tweet about Asian parents

‘Weird flex but ok’ meme. (@jiandeleon / Twitter)

One more to go…


Tweet about 'weird flex but ok'

Tweet about how the online phrase is catching on. (@adanooope / Twitter)

Have you been doing the same as Adam?