Mail on Sunday slammed for ‘disgusting’ trans kids article

The Mail on Sunday front page.

The Mail on Sunday is facing widespread criticism over an article claiming children are being “tricked” into being transgender at a school.

The article, which is based on a single anonymous source, states 17 children at a UK school are transitioning.

It claims “vulnerable children with mental health problems” are “being tricked” into the “mistaken belief they are the wrong sex as a way of coping with the problems caused by autism.”

Many people have turned to social media to criticise the article, which is featured on the newspaper’s front page.

Transgender activist Sophie Cook wrote on Twitter: “The Mail on Sunday continues the horrific war on transgender kids with claims from a single source that vulnerable children are being ‘tricked’ into changing gender.

“It’s clear that the only ‘agenda’ that exists is the constant stream of disgusting anti-trans scare stories.”

Activist Sophie Cook criticised the piece on trans children on Twitter (Twitter/SophieCook)

Article on trans children criticised

The trans awareness group Trans Actual UK posted a threat highlighting several problems with the article.

They wrote: “Autistic people are capable of knowing their own identity. Being trans and autistic are not mutually exclusive.

“It is thought that approx 1% of ppl are trans. The school down the road from TransActual HQ has 1,800 students.

“For this & many other schools, 17 students constitutes less than 1%. So a large school with 17 trans students isn’t a surprise.

“It isn’t possible to make someone trans if they aren’t already. Nobody chooses to be trans. To be trans in the UK is to face bullying, harassment and prejudice.

A tweet criticising the Mail on Sunday article.

People said the article on trans children was inflammatory (Twitter)

“In fact, 51% of trans young people are bullied for it.”

The group also wrote: “Grooming is a word used to describe the behaviour of paedophiles. It’s a disgrace to use this language to describe teenagers who have done nothing wrong.

“Once again, trans young people have been portrayed as predatory.”

Another person wrote: “So this Sunday’s anti-trans headline has come from the Daily Mail. Not only is it provoking hysteria against trans kids (again), it’s also inaccurate and inflammatory.

“Apparently this teacher is now magically qualified to diagnose gender dysphoria in other children, based on the fact that she has her own child?

“Apparently trans kids are now ‘grooming’ younger kids by being visible role-models? Would you say the same about gay kids?”

Others noted the article coincided with Trans Awareness Week, which is marked annually from 12 to 19 November.