Trans couple Jake and Hannah Graf: We’re starting a family

Trans couple Hannah and Jake Graf kissing

Transgender couple Jake and Hannah Graf fell in love just six weeks after meeting.

Jake Graf later proposed to Hannah—Britain’s highest ranking transgender officer in the army—on holiday in New York.

After tying the knot, the couple are now planning to start a family.

They shared their love story with PinkNews—watch the video below to see their story.

Jake Graf told PinkNews: “From the minute that I saw Hannah standing underneath the clock in Waterloo station at three in the afternoon, which is when obviously all good dates start, I just thought she was absolutely beautiful.

“We just really clicked and you know, we click on a level that’s much more than being trans.

“The trans thing actually just makes certain things easier and when we’re having a dysphoric moment, that just kind of makes it easier and more relatable.

“But that’s not why we are, you know, together and why we’re in love.”

Hannah Graf added: “I think it’s worth pointing out that we’re not saying that trans people can only date other trans people—quite far from it—it’s just a situation that worked for us.”

Starting a family

Jake and Hannah recently moved in together and are now planning to have children.

“We’re now living together officially, which is quite exciting,” Hannah explained.

“I’m certainly going to have to tell Jake that he can’t have any of his bachelor pad items anymore—they need to find a new home.”

“She’s trying to make me throw away my bowling ball,” Jake laughed.

Watch the video above to see their plans to start a family.