Bisexual wrestler Anthony Bowens comes out as gay

Gay wrestler Anthony Bowens with his boyfriend, Michael

Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens, who came out as bisexual in 2017, has said that he is actually gay.

In March 2017, the wrestler revealed he was dating boyfriend Michael Pavano, explaining: “Just wanted to let everyone know I’m bisexual. I look forward to changing perceptions and breaking stereotypes as I continue on my journey.”

Bowens has since spoken out publicly against bisexual erasure.

However, the 28-year-old wrestler revealed on January 1 that he no longer identifies as bisexual.

Anthony Bowens: I prefer to identify as gay

In a post to Facebook, he wrote: “Two years ago I came out as bisexual which was truly how I viewed myself at the time.

“However, over the last 6 months or so I’ve started to identify less and less with that label to the point where it doesn’t feel like it’s ‘me’ anymore.

“As people move on in their lives, the way they view the world and themselves tends to change and I’m no different. Which is why if you are to label me, I prefer to identify as gay.”

The athlete added that he acknowledged there would be “a mixed range of reactions” to the news.

“I still advocate for bisexuality 100 percent… Everybody has their own way of figuring themselves out.”

— Anthony Bowens

In a YouTube video, he further explained: “I wasn’t identifying as that term anymore. I was picturing myself being with a man for the rest of my life, so the term bisexual felt less and less me, the more time went on. I now feel more comfortable labelling myself as gay.

“I still advocate for bisexuality 100 percent, because that is what I identified myself as and it’s still what a lot of bisexual people identify themselves as. Everybody has their own way of figuring themselves out.”

One commenter said: “Sometimes, it takes a while to figure out exactly where you fit in. I’m so happy that you’re happy and in love, no matter which label you choose to identify with. I’m really proud of how far you’ve come on your journey, and everyone who matters will support you no matter what.”

Gay wrestler Anthony Bowens

Gay wrestler Anthony Bowens

Another added: “However you identify, you are a great guy and a great performer, and I always count myself as a fan of Bowens the man and Bowens the wrestler. Hoping this year your star continues to rise because you deserve it!”