Conservative Christians decry Parents magazine over gay couple on cover

Parents magazine's front cover

A conservative Christian group has branded an American parenting magazine as “pro-homosexual,” after it featured a gay couple on its front cover.

US publication Parents posted a photo of its latest front cover on Twitter on January 4, featuring a same-sex couple for the first time since it was established in 1926.

It shows fitness motivational speaker Shaun T and his husband Scott Blokker with their twins.

Parents puts same-sex couple on front cover for first time

“Fitness pro @ShaunT and his adorable family star on our February cover, our first-ever to feature same-sex parents. ❤️❤️❤️,” Parents wrote on Twitter.

The magazine included a link to an article about the couple’s “incredible surrogacy story.”

Parents on Twitter

One Million Moms condemned Parents for promoting a “pro-homosexual lifestyle.”

However, one fundamentalist Christian group was not happy with the magazine cover.

One Million Moms, which was set up by the American Family Association, released a press release condemning Parents for promoting a “pro-homosexual lifestyle.”

Christian group claims Parents is promoting “pro-homosexual lifestyle”

The group claimed that parents should be “warned” at places where Parents might be displayed, including at the offices of dentists and doctors.

“Mothers and fathers are seeing more and more similar examples of children being indoctrinated to perceive same-sex couples as normal, especially in the media,” the One Million Moms press release reads.

“Likewise, the magazine’s website,, and their other social media pages also push pro-homosexual content.”

“Rather than focusing on parenting tips, the publication shames Americans into embracing such a lifestyle.”

—One Millions Moms

It adds: “Parents is the latest print media company to abandon what it does best in order to force a lifestyle on the American public that the medical community identifies as unhealthy.

“Rather than focusing on parenting tips, the publication shames Americans into embracing such a lifestyle.”

Despite One Million Moms’ criticism, social media users were quick to praise Parents.

“Congrats you guys! Beautiful cover, beautiful family, beautiful story,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said: “Lawd i hope my family is as cute as theirs!!”

And a third person wrote: “I am delighted to see a publication of your caliber reporting on issues regarding all parents, not just those favored by a particular religious group.

“A loving parent is a loving parent.”