Same-sex couple reveal the difficulties of starting a family 

YouTubers Rose and Rosie, who have been together for more than a decade, have spoken about what it’s like to start a family as a same-sex couple. 

The British pair, who welcomed son Ziggy into the world in July 2021 and have more than 990,000 subscribers on YouTube, recall their wedding as a very happy day.

Rose describes their meeting as being each other’s “rebounds” following her gate-crashing a party and seeing Rosie there. 

Rosie jokes that it’s only with Rose that she feels the freedom to be able to “fart, whenever I want, for as long as I want”. 

It was “difficult at the beginning to ascertain how to exactly start a family as a same-sex couple,” Rose admits. 

Having lost a baby, she adds: “I feel like every high has been super high, and every low has been really low.” 

But the experience has made them stronger, she insists.

Opening up to Mother & Baby magazine, Rose revealed they are both “really keen to carry naturally”. 

But because of Rose’s miscarriage – following successful insemination – and having polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that can include having irregular periods and problems getting pregnant, Rosie offered “to have a go”. 

It took the couple a long time to find “the perfect sperm donor”, but in 2020 they were finally able to announce that Rosie was pregnant. 

They documented the pregnancy through social media and told PinkNews: “We know we’re going to be good parents, so we’re not worried”.

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