Cottonelle defends gay ad after customers threaten boycott

Cottonelle gay ad

Toilet paper company Cottonelle has defended its recent advert depicting a gay couple after people threatened to boycott the brand online.

The 15-second commercial first went out in February and candidly promotes “down there care.”

It sees an anxious-looking man sitting on a chair as he waits to meet his boyfriend’s parents. He gives the camera a worried look before the voice-over encourages him to “give his booty a confidence boost” and “become the guy he takes home to mother.”

It even features a tongue-in-cheek image of a peach, sparkling because it’s presumably so fresh.

However, some people weren’t happy about the inclusivity.

Customers threatened to boycott the brand

Conservative users on Twitter claimed that there is “nothing gay, straight or ethnic about toilet paper” and that Cottonelle should “stick to selling [it] and leave the social issues alone.” Another urged that “diversity does NOT need ‘product placement’.”

Other reactions were even more extreme, condemning the manufacturer for trying to ‘”normalise homosexuality” and labelling the ad “disgusting” and “nasty.”

Online homophobes react to Cottonelle's recent ad depicting a gay male couple

Online homophobes react to Cottonelle’s recent ad depicting a gay male couple. (Twitter)

Cottonelle customers react to new ad featuring a gay couple on Twitter

Cottonelle customers react to new ad featuring a gay couple.

Cottonelle customers threaten to boycott the company after it released an ad featuring a gay couple

Cottonelle customers threaten to boycott the company after it released an ad featuring a gay couple. (Twitter)


Cottonelle replied to the backlash publicly across its social media channels, affirming its beliefs.

To one Twitter user who revealed the ad had turned them into an “un-customer,” Cottonelle responded: “Being clean impacts everyone, and it’s an important step to feeling your best.

“Here at Cottonelle Brand, diversity is embraced in all aspects and we are proud to share a commercial that is representative of that. Thank you for reaching out.”

To another, Cottonelle reiterated the message that being clean is something that everyone should aspire to be.

“No matter a person’s orientation, gender or anything else,” it wrote, before sharing the brand’s mini-manifesto once again.

One particularly funny clap-back saw the company reply, “It’s a bummer you aren’t a fan of the peach.”

Cottonelle defends gay ad against homophobic haters

OTHER LGBTQ-inclusive adverts

Cottonelle isn’t the only brand showcasing its support of the LGBTQ community through its advertising campaigns recently. Just a few weeks ago, Samsung rolled out a television commercial that features a pregnant lesbian couple snuggling up on a bed as they look at a live ultrasound on one of their phones together.

Elsewhere, America’s largest bridal store David’s Bridal included a same-sex couple in one of their most recent ads.