‘Special’: Trailer for new Netflix series about gay man with cerebral palsy

Ryan O'Connell in Netflix comedy series Special

Netflix has dropped the trailer for its new comedy Special, about a gay man with mild cerebral palsy.

Ryan O’Connell plays a fictionalised version of himself in the Netflix series, which is based on his memoir, “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.”

The star also serves as the showrunner and executive producer for the project, which follows his journey in the world as a gay man with cerebral palsy.

Netflix comedy Special features gay man living with cerebral palsy

The trailer offers a glimpse of the issues the show will tackle, such as Ryan’s quest for independence and self-acceptance.

A synopsis explains: “Special, is a distinctive and uplifting new series about a gay man, Ryan with mild cerebral palsy who decides to rewrite his identity and finally go after the life he wants.

“After years of dead-end internships, working in his pajamas as a blogger and communicating mostly via text, Ryan eventually figured out how to take his life from bleak to chic and began limping towards adulthood.”

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons is also an executive producer on the project, though he is not expected to appear on-screen in the series.

The eight-episode show is set to drop on April 12.

LGBT+ people with cerebral palsy thrilled by representation

The show’s trailer has got a lot of love online, especially from people who were shocked to see their lives reflected on screen.

One YouTube commenter wrote: “I’m gay and have cerebral palsy and struggle with both being closeted and finding love due to my self-doubt and self-pity due to my disability.

“This sounds like a fun but touching take of my life. I love it!”

Ryan O'Connell in Netflix comedy series Special

Ryan O’Connell in Netflix comedy series Special

Another added: “I’m a 34 year old gay black man living everyday with Cerebral Palsy. I can’t wait to see just how realistic this show is.”

A third user wrote: “I’m a 20 year old girl living with cerebral palsy [and] even though I’m straight, I find it hard in the dating scene because of my disability, so I’m excited to see how they show it in this and how realistic it is.”

Some fans likened the show to acclaimed Josh Thomas comedy series Please Like Me, which featured an LGBT+ cast and featured a number of queer people with mental health problems.

Ryan O'Connell in new Netflix show Special (Courtesy of Netflix)

Ryan O’Connell (Courtesy of Netflix)

Netflix explains that the show reflects O’Connell’s “real-life ups and downs growing up gay and disabled with cerebral palsy.”

The streaming giant’s description adds: “When the rude curveball known as ‘his twenties’ happened, he was determined to take his life from bleak to chic and embrace everything that makes him exactly who he is.

“Why be normal when you can be… Special?”