Piers Morgan slams M&S over ‘pathetic’ LGBT sandwich

Piers Morgan expresses outrage at M&S LGBT Sandwich.

TV host Piers Morgan joined an ongoing online discussion over a “LGBT” sandwich released by British supermarket chain Marks and Spencer (M&S).

Morgan accused M&S of “cynical virtue-signalling” and “truly pathetic” behaviour in a Twitter rant on Saturday (May 4).

“Gay sandwiches? Is there no cynical virtue-signalling depth struggling companies won’t now plunge to make a profit? Shame on you ⁦marksandspencer⁩, this is truly pathetic,” he wrote.

The pride-themed snack has divided opinions among social media users, who have been debating whether or not they agree with it since a photo of the sandwich captioned “M&S threw the first artisanal sandwich at Stonewall,” went viral on April 30.

The supermarket released the BLT-plus-guacamole sandwich to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity dedicated to helping homeless LGBT+ youth.

LGBT sandwich tweet.

LGBT sandwich tweet.

The retailer says it has donated £10,000 to the charity, and will be making a further £1,000 donation to another charity called BeLong to Youth Services in Ireland.

Morgan also shared a post from journalist Louis Staples, who criticised the M&S sandwich in a tweet that has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

Staples wrote: “LGBT people: ‘it’d be nice if people could stop abusing us when we hold hands in public, we could teach LGBT lessons in schools and if the BBC could stop debating our existence on live air that’d be grea- Capitalism: ‘what we’re really sensing here is you want your own sandwich.'”

Piers Morgan has previously taken issues with other snacks

The LGBT sandwich isn’t the first snack incurring Morgan’s wrath. The TV host previously blasted bakery chain Greggs in January for releasing vegan sausage rolls, calling those responsible for the decision “PC-ravaged clowns.”

Also catching Morgan’s attention on Saturday was Burger King’s “FeelYourWay” campaign, in which the fast food chain unveiled a series of “Real Meals” named after moods such as “Salty,” “P*ssed” and “DGAF” in an effort to raise awareness about mental health.

The campaign also takes a dig at rival McDonald’s “Happy Meals” with its slogan: “No one is happy all the time.”

“And now we can’t even be happy! Imagine selling burgers by playing the mental health card… utterly ridiculous,” Morgan said.

He added in a subsequent tweet: “Jeez, it’s not even 9am on a bank holiday weekend Saturday morning & I’m already enraged. Why is the world going so completely PC bonkers?

How did M&S react to the LGBT sandwich backlash?

The supermarket released a statement advertising the snack which said: “M&S Food is showing their support of the pride season and have this year launched a special LGBTQ+ sandwich – a twist on the traditional BLT.”

They have yet to comment on Morgan’s criticism.

The Albert Kennedy Trust replied to some of the negativity and said: “akt is proud have the support of brands like marks and spencer, as without it, we couldn’t do what we do.”

“If you’re not a sandwich fan but would like to help, learn how you can support us [on our website],” the charity wrote in a tweet.