MTV features sexually fluid cast on dating show Are You The One?

MTV’s dating show Are You The One? Will feature a sexually fluid cast for the first time.

The show, which will premiere on 26 June, sees single contestants heading off to paradise to couple up.

The winning pair will split a $1 million prize if they couple up over the 10-week series.

For the first time on a US dating show, each participant identifies as sexually fluid.

The programme will also feature a relationship expert who specialises in working with the LGBT+ community, Dr Frankie.

Last year saw the launch of a groundbreaking dating show which only included participants who were bisexual, pansexual or questioning.

Courtney Act hosted The Bi Life on E! which saw a cast of 10 living and partying together as they explored queer dating and their identities.

Courtney Act hosted The Bi Life last year (E!)

At the time, Act, who has spoken to PinkNews about being pansexual and genderfluid, said: “It’s high time there was a dating show for the large number of young people today, like me, who are attracted to more than one gender.

“In 2018 we know that sexuality is fluid and sharing the stories and experiences, the laughter and the lovemaking, of young bi people is so important.

“So get ready to see the true stories of bisexual singles, who are the largest part of the LGBTQ+ community, but the least known.”

There are more LGBT+ characters on TV than ever before, according to a GLAAD report published last year.

Viewers have seen a total of 433 regular and recurring queer characters on broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms over the past year, compared to the previous record high of 329, which was set in 2017.

Shows like Supergirl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Pose — which has a record-breaking number of transgender characters — have launched LGBT+ representation to new heights.

The percentage of queer characters on broadcast primetime has also reached an unprecedented level, with one in 11 characters — 8.8 percent — being openly LGBT+.