Why does the internet think ‘gays walk fast’?

gays walk fast

New gay stereotypes emerge all the time, but “gays walk fast” is one that has stuck, and there are lots of reasons it could be true.

Good-humoured memes and self-deprecating stereotypes can bring communities together, and “gay Twitter,” as well as some experts, have lots of theories on this one.

Queer anthems tend to be upbeat

One of the most popular theories on social media is that LGBT+ anthems by queer icons tend to be fast-paced, making gay people fast-paced too.

gays walk fast
(MikeDolanVEVO/ Twitter)
gays walk fast
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“Gays walk fast” to avoid violence

Confidence coach Lisa Phillips told GQ: “If gay men feel self-conscious or fear attack, they could walk quickly to get away from perceived risks in order to feel safe again.

“They might also fear being judged or stared at, so want to move away from the ‘perceived risk’ as quickly as possible.”

gays walk fast
(conor_dohertyy and everardojnr/ Twitter)

Statistically, more gay people live in cities

LGBT+ people are more likely to live in cities, where getting places by foot is easier and they are less likely to need a car.

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An Office for National statistics survey found that the local authorities with the highest LGBT+ population including Manchester, Brighton and six inner-London boroughs.

Psychologist Ian MacRae told GQ: “The fastest walkers are men, younger people and people who live in urban areas. So already younger men in cities are the fastest walkers–perhaps gays just have an edge on that?”

“Covergirl, put the bass in your walk”

According to Vice, in 2007 a study found a connection between gait and sexual orientation, and some people think that the style and well as the speed of a “gay walk” is special.

MacRae also said to GQ: “People generally perceive sexuality from women’s bodies when they’re standing still and men’s when they’re in motion.

“Gay men upping the pace of their walking also amplifies their sexuality. Strutting, or walking at a rapid pace, can be a way of displaying homosexuality in safe spaces.”

gays walk fast
(rwcogito/ Twitter)

Some on social media, however, just think that straight people walk slowly.

gays walk fast
(heyDejan/ Twitter)
gays walk fast
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