Trans teen ‘gang-raped’ on first night out as a woman

Three men are on trial for the gang-rape of a transgender teen who was celebrating her first night out as a female, and managed to escape after biting one man’s penis.

The incident allegedly occurred when the 17 year old went out with friends to the Red & Blue gay club in Antwerp, Belgium, on June 22, 2018.

The teen says she was harassed by a 34-year-old man, who followed her outside when she went to get some fresh air.

The man and two others, aged 24 and 25, then forced her into a taxi while she was confused about what was happening, Metro reports.

The teenager said one of the men began groping her but she wasn’t strong enough to push him off. She was then taken to a flat in the Deurne borough of Antwerp, where she was raped in turns by the three men, according to local news.

The victim was only able to escape the apartment after biting one of the men on the penis.

Defendants changed their story after DNA evidence was found

The defendants initially denied any involvement, claimed they didn’t even know each other and denied having been to Red & Blue. They also disputed that there had been sexual contact, but changed their story after it was revealed their DNA matched traces found on the victim.

“My client no longer denies that sexual acts occurred, but they did not happen against the will of the victim,” said the 34-year-old defendant’s lawyer on Tuesday (July 2).

“The camera images also do not show that she was forced into the taxi. And would the driver not have intervened if it were?” the lawyer added.

All three defendants say they did not know the victim was a minor.

The public prosecutor demanded six years in prison for each of the three men and compensation of €7,850. But the victim’s lawyer asked for harsher punishment, saying, “My client is transgender. That night was the first time she went out as a female, something which makes the facts more severe.”

The court will announce its judgment on July 11.