The Many Voices of Pride: Roger’s story

The LGBT+ community is made of many different identities, all of which are as valid and important as the others, and every single one deserves to fly their flag with pride.

For Pride 2019, PinkNews has teamed with Uber to tell stories that show how important visibility is to a diverse rainbow of sexual and gender identities.

This is Roger’s story…

When did you first realise you were aromantic?

I first realised I was aromantic when I was in a very long-term relationship and realised that I was being very cold and couldn’t feel the romanticism.

I was very worried that there was something wrong with me, so I did some research online and found the description of aromantic. From digging further, I realised that there was nothing wrong with me, it was just the way I am. An aromantic is someone who doesn’t get involved in romantic situations, it’s more physical.

I think being aromantic makes you realise who you are, but we are also very different in that everyone can be who they want. You can identify as aromantic but also be asexual, be gay or straight, it’s just finding your community or tribe.

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What was it like growing up?

I grew up in Mexico and Mexico is a very romantic country.

There’s lots of romantic songs and telenovelas and movies.

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You’re always being told you have to be romantic, your main goal is to bring up a family and have that dreamy life. I

tried very hard, being in romantic relationships and having boyfriends, looking for that life of having dogs and kids and a big house in the countryside.

I realised that’s just not what I want and not what I feel. I always felt different but I was always myself, I was lucky not to have lots of homophobia in my family, I was very accepted.

When I was younger I didn’t think I needed Pride or to express myself in that way, but now I feel that it’s very important to make a statement and fight for our rights because there’s lots of people struggling to come out. Showing this power gives other people hope and strength to go through very hard times.

Which flag do you identify with?

I identify with the new LGBT+ flag, the one that has the new black, brown, orange triangle stripes on the side. I think it’s really cute and inclusive.

I also identify with the aromantic flag, it’s very green and very environmental and that’s something I support a lot and work closely with.

I think it’s important to have flags so that people can feel like they belong to a tribe or community and not feel lost or lonely.

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