Bella Thorne shares pics kissing boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo after Mod Sun feud

Bella Thorne has shared a post on Instagram kissing her new boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo days after feuding with ex-boyfriend Mod Sun on Twitter.

The former Disney star seems to be head over heels for her new partner, sharing two affectionate pics with her 20.9 million Instagram followers.

The first shows Thorne and Mascolo glammed up for “date night,” the second shows Mascolo taking a selfie in the mirror as Thorne kisses him on the cheek.

The Famous in Love actress captioned the post: “Date night vs. staying in u choose. U already know my fave.”

Mascolo — who is one half of Italian duo Benji & Fede — commented: “You can see the luckiest man on earth in these pics.”

The Italian musician also shared the love with his 1.4 million Instagram followers.

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He posted a picture of the couple outdoors with the caption: “Can’t wait to spend my summer holidays with you. So little time left before we back together again.”

The couple has been linked together since April after they were spotted kissing, shortly after Thorne and Mod Sun split up.

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun accuse one another of lying.

Last week, Thorne and ex-boyfriend Mod Sun came to blows on Twitter.

It all started after Thorne posted footage from the couple’s ‘nuptials’ on Instagram to celebrate the launch of her poetry book, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray.”

The video shows Thorne and Sun exchanging vows accompanied by a soundbite of Thorne reciting a poem about depression.

In the caption, the actress explained why she chose to use this particular video clip.

She wrote: “In your happiest moments of life you can still feel that underlying sadness creeping in reminding you to work on your mental state. That’s why I put depression over this video.”

But she clarified that she and Sun had not tied the knot.

“No, mod and I never really got married, this was one of his bday presents he wanted,” she wrote.

Mod Sun accuses Thorne of ‘being intentionally hurtful’.

After seeing the post, the rapper took to Twitter to express his anger.​​​​​​

He wrote: “Don’t disrespect my idea of what love is…if u were faking it that day then u really are an amazing actress.”

Sun also accused Thorne of “being intentionally hurtful to people healing.”

The actress responded to Sun’s tweet, sharing a screenshot of a text exchange between the pair in which Sun appears to give Thorne permission to use the video clip.

Thorne tweeted: “U just keep lying and u won’t stop, I was trying to remember how beautiful we were sad.

In response, Sun tweeted: “That text was MAY 2 when we were still trying to work things out..look at what ensued after that. I said u could THEN + I’m shocked u did NOW.”

He added: “What I think is disgusting is ur PS remark where u lied + discredited our entire marriage in one sentence.”

As a final response, Thorne retweeted the text exchange, this time with the timestamp.

She wrote: “don’t u remember mod u broke up w me April 15th the anniversary of my fathers death? Cmon now.”

The rapper delivered his final Twitter blow, accusing Thorne of using his artwork to promote her book.

He tweeted: “I did your artwork + u claimed u did it! That’s so disrespectful. I can’t support.”

Sun tagged Thorne in the tweet but she has not yet responded.

The couple broke up in April, initially on good terms.

At the time of the breakup, Thorne posted a picture of the former couple on Instagram.

She captioned it: “I will always love you. All good things must come to an end. ?.”