Woman asks if she’s wrong for being less attracted to her boyfriend after watching Queer Eye

Queer Eye cast pose on the red carpet

Part of the mission statement of Queer Eye is to bring people together but for one couple the hit Netflix series is having the opposite effect.

Since 2018 the Fab Five – Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk – have won the hearts of millions as they French tuck their way across the US, making over a diverse set of heroes from Trump supporters to transgender men.

While the series is all about spreading positivity, one woman has claimed that her relationship has been ruined as a result of its high sartorial standards.

“I think I’m less attracted to my boyfriend after seeing Queer Eye,” the anonymous 21-year-old wrote on Reddit.

“It sounds really silly but please hear me out. Watching the show made me realise that it’s not ridiculous to wish he would put the same effort into his dress and appearance that I do.”

Watching the show made me realise that it’s not ridiculous to wish he would put the same effort into his dress and appearance that I do.

The woman complained that for a recent family function, her 22-year-old boyfriend turned up in a “a stretched out, lint covered sweater [and] the same faded green joggers he wears everyday”, while everybody else “was dressed nicely, the men either in button up shirts or even full suits”.

“I expressed my dismay, trying to frame it in the mindset that we were taking lots of pictures at the event, including family portraits, and I wanted us to look nice and put together as a couple,” she wrote.

“He argued with me and told me he was comfortable and his mom said his outfit was fine.”

She lamented that her boyfriend just “doesn’t have the desire for us to look nice together,” despite her efforts to buy him new clothes and help him find a new barber.

“I hate being brushed off when I try to address this and he frequently calls me shallow for wanting him to look nice,” she concluded.

Queer Eye Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness kiss

Rumoured partners Antoni and Jonathan don’t appear to be having the same issues. (Antoni/ Instagram)

“I want him to have more confidence and I want him to feel bold about presenting his unique style to the world.

“I don’t know what to do and I’d really like to hear some thoughts on this so I know whether or not I’m being crazy.”

The replies to her dilemma were mixed.

“A lot of men and women that I know don’t place fashion or presentation very high on their list of priorities and they still have happy, functioning relationships with plenty of attraction,” wrote one Redditor.

“If these are attributes you think you need in a partner that is perfectly reasonable, but don’t expect anybody to change themselves to suit your desires and value system.”

Another argued that “putting on a nice pair of dress shoes, slacks and a nice buttoned down shirt isn’t a big ask”.

“He should do that without her having to beg him to wear something nice.”

For now, we’ve no idea how this dilemma turned out. Who knows – perhaps we’ll be seeing the couple on screens when the Fab Five return for their next season of Queer Eye.