Straight students with ‘Make America Great Again’ flags hijack LGBT club’s first meeting

"Make America Great Again" flag

Young Trump supporters disrupted the inaugural meeting of a club designed to provide a safe space for LGBT+ youth at a school in Bakersfield, California.

Students of Frontier High School were attending the first meeting of a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club when they were reportedly confronted by a group waving flags bearing the president’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”.

According to a parent who posted on social media, the group of “straight kids” held hands and shouted: “This is what’s right.”

The protestors were said to be members of Future Farmers of America (FFA), a national non-partisan youth organisation.

According the the parent, “lately [there has been] tension at the school between FFA and any kids they’ve determined as ‘liberal'”.

The gay community is apparently the one they’ve decided to mess with.

“The gay community is apparently the one they’ve decided to mess with,” they added.

It is unclear whether the protest was organised through FFA. PinkNews has contacted the group for clarification.

‘Make America Great Again’ students suspended for harassment.

One of the protestors, a senior named Matthew, told local news channel 23ABC that he and his group were suspended for “harassment, intimidation and sexual assault”.

He claimed that the FFA members attended the group out of “curiosity” and blamed the GSA club for sparking the ensuing altercation.

“If you have an opinion that people don’t agree with, you get hated on,” Matthew said.

The local school district confirmed that it is investigating an incident which took place on Wednesday afternoon, August 28.

“The Kern High School District and Frontier High School recognise that students have varying viewpoints and opinions,” a spokesperson told 23ABC.

“One of the goals of the educational process is to teach students how to communicate respectfully.

“The reported incident that occurred on Wednesday afternoon at Frontier High School is currently being investigated. Once the investigation is complete, appropriate follow-up measures will be taken.”

Gay Straight Alliance groups, which welcome LGBT+ students and straight allies, operate in more than 4,000 US schools.

An unknown number also exist in Canada. However some are under threat from the premier of Alberta, who has passed a law which would allow parents to “out” members of the clubs to their parents.

The LGBT+ education group GLSEN says that the presence of GSAs can help make schools safer for LGBT+ students by sending a message that homophobic or transphobic hate will not be tolerated.