Homeless trans woman ‘could need reconstructive surgery’ after alleged hate crime

trans woman attacked for using bathroom

A homeless trans woman has been left fearing that she will need reconstructive facial surgery after she was beaten up in a public bathroom.

Lauren Jackson was left with a broken jaw in several places after she was assaulted in a women’s toilet at Agate Beach State Park in Newport last month, reports KOMO.

According to court documents seen by KOMO, a woman had been using the bathroom at the same time as Jackson, and told her male companion – allegedly called Fred Costanza from Blackfoot, Idaho – that Jackson was in there.

Trans woman left with jaw broken in several places after assault in bathroom.

Jackson has reportedly testified over the incident at a court in Newport, where a jury will decide if Costanza will be charged with committing a hate crime.

Costanza is currently facing charges for harassment, assault and disorderly conduct. He has been released on bail on a bond of £140,000.

Jackson also posted about the incident on Reddit.

Jackson posted about the incident on Reddit. (Reddit)

“I was blindsided/sucker-punched and then dragged across the ground by my hair,” she explained.

“As I’m screaming in the fetal position, this guy continues to punch me in the head.

“Thankfully someone heard my screams, ran over and got the guy off of me. Probably saved my life.”

Trans woman testifies in court over alleged assault.

A crowd of clergy and local officials appeared outside Lincoln County Courthouse in support of Jackson last month.

I’m really scared about my recovery and how all of this is going to effect my transition.

She continued: “Coming out as trans basically demolished my old life and everything that I knew to be real. I’ve been rebuilding for a year.

“I’ve been building an authentic and beautiful foundation for my life.

“It makes me so sad that humans can treat each other like this. I didn’t say one word to this guy. I didn’t raise my hands or touch him. I never had a chance to defend myself.

“I’m really scared about my recovery and how all of this is going to effect my transition. And any permanent changes I might see in my facial structure.”