Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski has a helpful tip if you like to be choked during sex

Antoni Porowski revealed a lot in a recent interview.(Screen capture via Buzzfeed)

While touring for his new cookbook, Antoni Porowski has revealed that he likes to be choked.

The food and wine guru on Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye is on the road to get the word out for In the Kitchen With Antoni, full of recipes for meals such as Johnny’s Queso Blanco or Polish hangover soup.

But in an eye-opening interview with Buzzfeed to promote his book, the model read some of the troves of thirsty tweets about him aloud.

And he definitely dished out more than just helpful hints in the kitchen.

Antoni Porowski’s choking pro-tip? Use a “safe move”.

When one user expressed their yearning for nothing more than Porowski to cook naked for them and “sensually share” cocktails, Porowski had one thing to say.

“Cooking naked is dangerous, especially near an open flame,” he warned.

“Maybe cutting vegetable would be… No. You do not wanna have your naked body next to a knife.”

But if you did want to hang out with the chef, one situation got a resounding “same” from him: Being fed devilled eggs shirtless in the bedroom of a luxury New York apartment.

Many of Porowski’s avocado-filled cooking slots on Queer Eye make it into his own recipe-book, but one viewer thinks about more than their next meal when watching him.

The Twitter user called the close-up shots of Porowski cooking on Queer Eye “actual porn”.

The Canadian culinary expert responded: “I’m always holding a knife and that feels very dangerous. But I guess knives are weirdly sexual, aren’t they?

“It’s like being choked. Some us like it, but we know it’s dangerous.

“But if you like choking make sure you have a safe way. Actually, I learned this the hard way, about to have some TMI.

“Don’t have a safe word — have a safe move because often you can’t speak if you’re being choked.

“Pro tip, you’re welcome to that, kids.”

“What’s a bussy?” Antoni asks. 

“Antoni could swim in my bussy and I stand by that,” read one of the tweets. Porowski was confused.

“What’s a bussy?” he asked.

“Like a man’s butt,” someone on the Buzzfeed team hits back. He rewinds the sentence in his head, scrunches his face, and simply replies: “Swim?”

Antoni Porowski, who has become the subject of one of many Queer Eye memes, demonstrates preparing a signature dish as he attends Boursin Friendsgiving at Home Studios on November 7, 2018 in New York City.

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski. (Dave Kotinsky/Getty)

Ever wondered if Porowski has sensitive nipples? Of course you have, as fellow Fab Five stars Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness have so often teased on Porowski’s Instagram.

Wonder no more, as Porowski confirmed on camera he does have “very sensitive nipples”.

“I can’t stop thinking about Antoni’s bulge,” read another relatable tweet.

Porowski cooly responded: “I think about it probably just as much as you do.”

He also offered an array of cooking suggestions for anybody thinking about sharing a PB&J or “pickled carrots” with him anytime soon.

You can watch the full video below:

Wait, what about his cookbook?

While in San Fransisco, Porowski revealed last night that his cookbook is number two on the New York Times Bestseller List.

The cuisine master co-wrote the 100-recipe strong cookbook with freelance food editor Mindy Fox.

When he broke the news on Twitter last year, he joked: “Avocado-stuffed pierogies for everyone!!!”

The cookbook came out earlier this month.