Conspiracy theorist taken down swift and fast after trying to come for Jonathan Van Ness over his HIV diagnosis

A Conservative conspiracy theorist tried to come for Jonathan Van Ness, and people returned the favour. (Getty/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Clusterfest)

A Conservative conspiracy theorist tried to shut down Jonathan Van Ness and Twitter came, bearing scientific research papers and logic, to tell him all the reasons why he’s wrong.

The Queer Eye star opened about living with HIV in a candid interview with The New York Times last week, sharing that he is an out-and-proud “member of the beautiful HIV-positive community.”

HIV advocates and healthcare providers welcomed Van Ness’ courage in being so open about living with HIV, while many in the LGBT+ community offered their support to the TV personality.

Mark Dice, a political pundit and Republican member, jumped on Van Ness’ declaration and tweeted: “Liberals are now celebrating AIDS.”

“You seem to be celebrating being a soulless skin husk,” says actress Patricia Arquette. 

And the people of Twitter fought back against the theorist who once said Katy Perry promoted bisexuality and appeared “to be some kind of Satanic Witch” for her Super Bowl XLIX halftime show performance in 2015.

“You seem to be celebrating being a soulless skin husk,” tweeted actor and activist Patricia Arquette.

She added: “I will use this stupid and heartless tweet or yours which is devoid of any humanity and use it as a honey trap to see all the fake religious mindless people I can mute and block.

“Thanks for sweeping them up like trash for me into one pile.”

Beneath the bile from Dice’s own supporters, a number of LGT+ Twitter users came in to defend Van Ness’ bravery.

“A community of people supporting each other through one of the most challenging medical conditions is beautiful,” summarised one user.

“They are obviously not celebrating the disease.

“Can’t tell if you are being willfully ignorant or just obtuse.”

“AIDS is not HIV”: Twitter gives Mark Dice a science lesson. 

Some users sought to remind Dice the reality of living with HIV can be for some people.

“Who is acting celebratory?” tweeted a user.

“Each and every well-known person who has come out publicly has cited exactly how hard and devastating it has been for them and their loved ones.

“Acknowledging and accepting your hardships is by no means being excited about them.”

Moreover, somebody schooled Dice with the basics: “AIDS is not HIV. But you’re just the f***ing stupid, aren’t you?”

Others took a more rosey approach to their rejoinders: