Hilarious gay coming out song goes viral

A screenshot of Ben Shepherd's coming out video next to a screenshot of The Black Eyed Peas hit song Boom Boom Pow

A wonderful video of the song a boy used to come out to his mother has gone viral.

Ally Shepherd tweeted a clip of the message her brother, Ben, sent to their mum in 2015 on Sunday (January 6).

In the clip, Texas native Ben repeatedly sings, “Mum I’m gay / LOL luv u / Don’t tell dad,” in the style of The Black Eyed Peas‘ hit song “Boom Boom Pow.”

Sister Ally shared the song and wrote: “y’all… this is how my little brother came out to my mom in 2015 & I’ve still got it stuck in my head.”

The coming out song was produced using Ditty, an app which “sings anything you text.”

Ally, who lives in Kapolei, Hawaii, has attracted more than 275,000 retweets and likes with the tweet.

She was quick to clarify that “for those concerned, our dad does know now and everything is all good.”

Ally Shepherd, who posted the coming out video on Twitter

Ally Shepherd, was shocked at the response to her viral tweet (ally shepherd/facebook)

In response to someone who told her, “you won Twitter,” she wrote: “Hahahaha omg I know what is happening.”

Her brother, who graduated from high school last year, was also shocked, writing on his account: “wow my coming out video blew the f**k up.”

He added that he didn’t see it coming, saying: “HAHAHA never thought my coming out video would blow up.”

Tweeters rush to praise coming out video

Ben’s ingenious—and hilarious—way of revealing his sexuality received a flood of compliments from other users.

Twitter users wrote replies like “LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING” and “I’m so mad I didn’t think of this .”

“If there was a 21st century online equivalent of Stonewall, this would be the first brick thrown that people forgot about”

— @aahfeekiee

Other responses were more heartfelt, with one tweeter commenting: “This is a funny way to come out but your brother is so brave. Tell him he is lovely .”

And some were less serious, like the commenter who wrote: “if there was a 21st century online equivalent of stonewall, this would be the first brick thrown that people forgot about.”

Some users recounted other glorious coming out stories

The viral tweet prompted many users to share other brilliant coming out stories.

One said: “Lol my friend had me over to her house to finally come out and she went into a closet and walked out with a rainbow tee shirt . I thought it was cute tbh.”

A proud parent wrote: ” I was doing laundry almost 20 years ago when my son (then 14) threw his dirty clothes into the washer and said, ‘Mom, I’m gay’ .”

One user even tweeted that they also came out through the Ditty app.

They revealed that they were pansexual with a message which sang to its recipient: “I like all genders so I’m pansexual.”