Graham Norton reveals his favourite-ever guest – and it’s not who you might think

Graham Norton

BBC’s The Graham Norton Show has welcomed a lot of A-list celebrities onto its sofa but the host reveals who is the biggest star amongst them all.

The BAFTA TV award winning chat show has been running for 12 years and in that long time, Norton has interviewed the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Despite having chatted to show biz superstars like Miley Cyrus and Madonna, you might be surprised by who is Norton’s favourite-ever guest.

Alan Sugar takes Graham Norton’s crown.

Alan Sugar is the chat show kings best guest, according to The Huffington Post.

Lord Sugar beat Hollywoods biggest names because he “doesn’t care about being liked,” shares Norton.

“I think with most people in this industry, this ‘wanting to be liked’ gene is quite strong in them, so they’ll just fake it,” Graham shares.

“Occasionally, I’ll get a guest who doesn’t have that gene.

The BBC chat show host said: “It’s so unusual it takes your breath away. Oh wow, you really don’t care, and I quite like it, like Lord Alan Sugar. I really like him — he’s really funny and great.”

More of the chat shows favourite guests.

In the interview, Graham Norton shares a few more guests who blew him away.

Will Smith joined by his son Jaden Smith, former co-star Alfonso Ribeiro who played Carlton Banks and DJ Jazzy Jeff was one of the stand-out moments in his show’s history, says Norton.

According to the Huffington Post, Norton revealed in an interview that the rendition of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme was an unforgettable scene.

“And to see an audience that happy over a sustained period of time, it was like a drug. It was like Oprah giving away a car to everybody. It was that atmospheric.”

Explaining that Will Smith produced the entire iconic moment, he said: “He flew in Carlton, he got the DJ, he did it all, so it was an amazing moment.”

Another actor that tickled Norton’s fancy was The Favorite actor Olivia Coleman, who performed an almighty lion-like roar on the show.

“Have you ever heard anything like it,” said Norton when discussing the queen of the jungle.