The difference between Drag Race US and Drag Race UK summed up in one perfect tweet

The cast of RuPaul's Drag Race UK

With RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finally airing on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s got fans realising just how different the two editions of the show are.

International fans were subjected to the colourful world of British slang and swear words, leaving dozens bemused about what exactly the UK queens are actually saying.

But in a viral tweet shared by one of the British queens, it’s managed to capture the crucial difference between the US and UK versions of Drag Race.

Sum Ting Wong shared a screenshot of a Facebook post that so beautifully sums up the two shows:

The Facebook post, by Montreal, Quebec local Laurence Collin, read: “Drag Race US entrance lines: ‘Girl, my name is Alexis Excelsior St. Fierce and I came to this competition ready to SLAY ? serving glamour and turning LOOKS ? but don’t forget honey, I am also a PERFORMER ??and if anyone comes for me I will CUT A BITCH ??.’

“Drag Race UK entrance lines: ‘Elo it’s Rubbish Titz I’m a right slag I’m flashing my vag and also i shat my knickers.'”

‘They will need subtitles and a little pamphlet to understand what Baga Chipz is saying.’

This is a sentiment that fellow UK queen Baga Chipz echoed in an interview with Digital Spy.

The Birmingham, England, performer said: “We’re all common as muck,” she said. “[US queens] are all quite pageantry and we’re like ‘well I want a ciggie and a kebab’.

“The catchphrases and the wording are different, like how we say ‘knickers’ and ‘me knockers’, it’s very tongue-in-cheek British humour.”

Sum Ting Wong

Sum Ting Wong. (BBC)

Moreover, Sum Ting Wong added: “We swear a lot too. I hope they bleep me out.

“I am the f**king worst. They say ‘don’t swear’ and I go ‘f**k, s**t, sorry’.”

While Divina de Campo added: “There was a couple of words that needed some clarification. Like our word for ‘fanny’ means quite a different thing over there.”

“They will need subtitles and a little pamphlet to understand what Baga Chipz is saying,” Sum Ting Wong continued.

“They are going to want to watch it because we speak English, and they will think it’s like the American one and they’ll watch the first episode and realise it’s like nothing they’ve seen before.”