Lil Nas X was today years old when this test told him he was gay and honestly, same

Lil Nas X in a flame print vest

Lil Nas X has revealed the simple test that confirmed his sexuality once and for all.

When future generations are learning about America’s 48th president Lil Nas X they’ll wonder at which exact moment he knew he was gay.

Was it during his formative years spent in Lithia Springs, Georgia, when he would try to pray his sexuality away? 

Was it on June 30, World Pride Day 2019, when he tweeted: “Some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care,” or a few days later on July 5, when he said for the first time in a BBC Breakfast interview: “I am gay?”

Or was it October 10, when the ‘Old Town Road’ rapper came across a simple online test capable of sorting the gays from the straights?

According to Lil Nas X’s recent tweet, the answer is very much the latter.

“This is when I knew,” he wrote, sharing a crude black and grey drawing which, depending on your perspective, could be single human figure or two people dancing.

“If you see two people dancing, I’ve got bad news for you,” the test reads.

Twitter was suitably shook.

As one follower noted, the test works for lesbians as well as gay men.

Though as bisexual Twitter pointed out, it’s far from perfect.

Since he first began speaking about his sexuality, Lil Nas X has won his first MTV VMA award, performed on Glastonbury’s hallowed Pyramid stage and snatched Mariah Carey’s record for longest-running US number one.

He has said the he is now “living life to the fullest” and has accepted his place as a role model for the LGBT+ community, despite a backlash from certain parts of the country and hip-hop communities.