Kerry Katona backs ‘cheeky’ Piers Morgan in gender row while misgendering Sam Smith: ‘There’s still a penis there’

Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona has backed Piers Morgan amid a growing debate over the existence of trans and non-binary people.

In her weekly column for New! Magazine this Wednesdaythe musician voiced her support for Morgan after thousands called for him to step down from hosting Good Morning Britain following his anti-trans comments across the years.

Moreover, Katona, 39, also misgendered non-binary singer Sam Smith. She wrote: “Listen, I love Sam but biologically the singer’s a male.

“There’s still a penis there! It’s science!”

Kerry Katona vows she ‘supports LGBTQ community’ yet is still a ‘traditionalist at heart’.

Last week, Twitter was torn in two after a petition to fire Morgan from the breakfast television show tallied thousands of signatures.

The people behind the petition called for Morgan to be removed for “dehumanising” trans people, such as the notorious time he referred to himself as a “two-spirit penguin” to the chagrin of the community.

Moreover, Morgan has a noticeable history of invalidating trans and non-binary people, but the flames of his anger were fanned after Smith publicly confirmed their pronouns.

The ongoing debate bubbled, with even former ministers chiming in, and now it seems Katona is sharing her opinion, too.

In Kerry Katona's column for New! Magazine, she stuck up for Piers Morgan while misgendering Sam Smith. (New! Magazine)

In Kerry Katona’s column for New! Magazine, she “stuck up” for Piers Morgan while misgendering Sam Smith. (New! Magazine)

“In a debate about gender identity, Piers cheekily said he how identities as a penguin,” Katona wrote.

“I get what he’s saying.”

The ‘Right Now’ singer continued: “I’m all for sticking up for the LGBTQ community, but I’m quite a traditionalist at heart and I do think Piers just says what a lot of people are already thinking.”

In the past, Morgan has said that non-binary people are a “contagion”, called gender-fluid people “absurd” and said Smith would came out as non-binary for “popularity”.

Katona has performed at several UK Pride events – even at London queer club G-A-Y – across the last few years and has been candid about the strained relationship she has with her mother, who is a lesbian.

PinkNews contacted a representative of Kerry Katona for comment.

Sam Smith will ‘wreck’ Brit Awards, claims Piers Morgan.

Smith came out as non-binary this year – clarifying their pronouns in a touching Instagram post – in a move that coincided with reports that the Brit Awards is considering shelving gendered categories.

“I think it’s great that such time-honoured awards should be just wrecked like this because one [person] can’t decide if [they’re] male or female,” Morgan said last month.

The comment sparked anger from trans activists and allies alike, especially considering that the Brit awards remain one of the only ceremonies in the industry that still uses gendered categories.