Someone really needs to tell Boris Johnson to stop using the incredibly toxic phrase ‘man up’

Boris Johnson is under fire for telling Jeremy Corbyn to "man up" in a recent interview. (Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

UK prime minister Boris Johnson told opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to “man up” and approve a general election and Twitter is not happy.

Johnson is currently beelining his withdraw bill in a bid to break the political paralysis he and his party have been trapped in for months.

He’s dangling the prospect of an election to encourage lawmakers to throw the question of Brexit back to voters, but Corbyn has reacted cooly to the idea, not wanting to commit without first taking the option of a no-deal Brexit squarely off the table.

Speaking to SkyNews, Johnson said: “Time for Corbyn – man up. Let’s have an election on December 12.”

Twitter lit into the PM for his choice of words, echoing last month when he appeared to yell at Corbyn: “Call an election, you great big girl’s blouse.

‘”Man up” is, obviously, either sexist or homophobic’: Twitter unimpressed by PM’s ‘misogynistic’ language.

However, Twitter users were rattled by the PM’s use of “man up”, an outdated term that means to be brave during an unpleasant situation.

Although some branded the remark as misogynistic, one user wrote: “‘Man up’ is, obviously, either sexist or homophobic.

“Suggesting that caution is either like a women, or an effeminate man.”

Hundreds of users honed in on Johnson,

Moreover, Johnson, who once referred to gay people as “tank-topped bum boys”, has never directly apologised for his use of anti-LGBT slurs in the past.

Labour Party is ‘split from top to bottom’, says Boris Johnson.

With the prospect of divorcing the European Union by October 31 a distant dream for Johnson, he’s now hoping to win a popular mandate to carry out his vision of a swift Brexit.

Johnson told the broadcaster: “What I’m saying to the Labour Party, to Jeremy Corbyn […] is that they have the opportunity now to get the thing done, to get Brexit over the line.

“All they need to do is agree at the same time – we can have more of a debate on Brexit if they really want, if they really think that’s necessary – provided they agree to an election on December 12.

He added that the Labour party are “split from top to bottom” in how Labour lawmakers are divided on whether to go forward with a general election.

Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Britain’s main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

The prime minister cannot simply call an election – under a 2011 measure, he needs a ‘super-majority’ of two-thirds of Parliament to call one.

Many in the opposition view Johnson’s election tactic as political gamesmanship, rather than a meaningful effort to find a path out of the chaos.

Johnson’s plea to Corbyn comes after EU leaders agreed a delay is needed but postponed deciding its length to next week after the PM’s ‘do or die’ approach was snarled.

The length of the delay will likely be announced after the House of Commons vote on the snap election, diplomats say.