Sam Smith dropped a cover of queer anthem ‘I Feel Love’ and fans are well and truly gagged

Non-binary Singer Sam Smith. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella)

Sam Smith has rejoined forces with their longtime collaborator Guy Lawrence of Disclosure to cover Donna Summer‘s ‘I Feel Love’, and fans can’t help but say ‘it’s so good, it’s so good’.

Summer, queen of disco, captured the giddy, flowery hedonism of the 70s, and ‘I Feel Love’ is considered one of her defining tracks. Dropped in 1977, the original track stretches eight minutes.

The synth pop song pervades the 21st music scene even today and Smith, a dance-pop musician, has paid tribute to her in the cover.

Sam Smith: ‘”I Feel Love” has followed me to every dance floor.’

“Highest song I’ve ever f***ing sang,” they wrote on Twitter, “but a joy.”

“I hope you all like it.”

“As a queer person ‘I Feel Love’ has followed me to every dance floor in every queer space from the minute I started clubbing,” they added.

“This song to me is an anthem of our community and it was an honour and most importantly so much fun to have a go at it.”

‘I never thought I’d say these words but… I’m stanning Sam Smith this era’: Sam Smith fans react to new tune.

And it seems that for Smith’s fans, they couldn’t get enough of them reaching their vocal coords to hit Summer’s elusive vocal register:

US retail giant Target will feature the song in their upcoming Christmas ad campaign, reported NME.

Smith first jumped onto the pop radar with Disclosure in 2012 when they chimed in some vocal talent to band’s song ‘Latch’.

You can listen to the full song here: